Homeopathic Calc Sulph for Allergies

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Dr Howard (Torrance ) on 05/13/2024:
5 out of 5 stars

This is for anyone who is looking for a remedy that alleviates burning, itching, etc.
Also for irritations in nasal passages, etc. Ulcers too. It also purifies the blood, and closes up skin wounds, ulcerous skin and boils it seals up the discharge conditions.

Homeopathic Calc sulph. Start with 6X use up the bottle. If no results or partial results, jump to 12X. Same finally to 200X.Should get results by this time.

lt microscopically protects the linings of the entire body.It is analogous to an egg shell that protects the albumen and yoke only in this case it’s body cells.
ln the past l was allergic to dust. After l took Calc sulph 6X all allergic reactions ceased.
Later l had GERD and after taking Calc sulph all symptoms left to this day.


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