Natural Remedies for ADHD and ADD

Modified on Jun 21, 2023 | Earth Clinic Team

Many parents and adults with ADHD are finding success with home remedies and nutritional supplements. Remedies like fish oil and magnesium can often reduce ADHD symptoms. Natural options can help rebalance the system and at times effectively mediate the condition.

Natural Remedies for ADHD

While most treatments present some level of side effects, those associated with more natural treatments are extremely limited in comparison to those of prescription drugs. Natural options function to regulate the system and provide balance of the body overall. Consider these before trying a more aggressive approach.

1. Nutritional Supplements

Research suggests that ADD is connected to certain nutritional deficiencies, so nutritional supplements are a good way to mediate the condition. Magnesium and iodine are most often noted as linked to ADD, so you may want to give those a try first.

2. Dietary Changes

Most individuals have an adverse response to certain foods and food additives, so it should be no surprise that specific dietary changes can also mediate behavior linked to ADD. Try eliminating trigger foods until you experience a positive reaction. Many individuals with the condition react to sugar and gluten. Aim for a diet with whole foods with plenty of fruit, vegetables, and healthy proteins.

3. Consistent Routines

Consistency can also help an individual navigate ADD. A regular routine of sleeping, waking, completing daily tasks, exercising, and other activities helps the individual establish a norm for behavior.

Prescription Medications for ADHD

While many prescription medications are used to treat ADD, these options can actually be dangerous. Among the most common options are stimulant drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin. Many individuals who take these drugs end up with severe side effects such as painful headaches, insomnia, and depression. There have even been reported cases of sudden death, cardiac abnormalities, and serious heart problems.

While ADD is an aggressive disorder that affects all sectors of life, it can be treated without medication. Continue reading below for treatments from Earth Clinic readers who have tried various natural cures for ADD and please let us know if you've discovered a treatment that works.


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List of Remedies for ADD & ADHD