Went to vet to learn cat had hairball

Posted By Queenie1940 (Schaumburg, Illinois) on 11/03/2011

Yesterday, we took our 9-10 yr cat (Socrates) to the vet because he stopped eating and drinking.... Everything the vet did came back with good readings..... Now for the xray..... Which showed something strange- possibly a large hairball in the stomach or a tumor... My husband and I can't afford a barum test or surgery so we are trying to handle this the best way possible.. Which is baby food. Does anyone out there have any other suggestions to help us out through the rough patch?

thank you, queenie


Replied by Shelly (Woodbury, Mn) on 11/15/2011

Have you tried pumpkin? Not pie filling though. I just started using it with my cats and it works great. No puke in 6 weeks.

Replied by Jackie (San Ramon, Ca) on 11/20/2011

Most likely it is a hair ball and will need to be rehydrated. If the hair ball does not pass, you may want to take the cat to the Vet. It could be very serious.

Replied by Jennifer (Jackson Heights, New York) on 03/13/2012

Many cats get hairballs. My cat had a bad one last year, He stopped eating and was sleeping all day. No pooping and drinking cups and cups of water. He was trying to cough up the hairball so badly that blood came out of his mouth. It was scary because he has asthma too. He was rushed to the animal hospital and had a huge hairball blockage. He almost died. Luckily he made it and now I put mineral oil in his food. But I mix it. Don't let them just lick it off because it can cause liquid pneumonia. I am thinking of trying olive oil from now on. Not only do hairballs get stuck in their stomach.... They get it stuck in the root of their mouth too and it can be very uncomfortable. Cats should not eat dry food. Only wet food.

Replied by Melissa (Milwaukee, Wi) on 04/16/2013

Do NOT give your cat mineral oil! Yikes! I don't even buy make-up with that in it.

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