Seeking Recommendations for Dog Food to Help Allergies and Lip Dermatitis

Posted By Lisa (Uk ) on 11/30/2017

I?m looking for advice on the best No soy, grain corn single protein dog food. Please. It?s for allergies and lip Dermitis . I am giving honey, turmeric and going to start using coconut oil and Vaseline tomorrow . Thank you x

Replied by Carol (Minnesota) on 03/01/2018

Please consider Cornucopia by Dr. Geoffrey Broderick. Granted it is more costly but may save you time, worry and money in long run. I adopted a cat with allergies whose health turned around immediately. This moist food is organic, wild caught and GMO free. Aside from making it myself this is the only food I would consider. Our pets depend on us. They give their unconditional love and deserve the best we can offer -even if it requires a bit of sacrifice on our part.

Blessings on Your journey!

Care-L :)


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