Want to get off insomnia drugs

Posted By Pj (North Carolina, US) on 01/30/2015

I have been taking zolpidem for years want to get off as I hear can cause dementia and Cancer. Have tried melatonin and Valeria do not work and give me headache. Any suggestions? Thanks

Replied by Bama (US) on 02/04/2015

I, too, am trying to come off ambien. I've tried practically everything. What has been working for me is 1000mg glycine and 1500 mg l-tryptophan taken before bed. It works better with some magnesium, but I can't take mag due to my ibs-d. I get anxious about whether it will work or not (what if I don't get any sleep tonight?), so started out taking 1/2 an ambien (0.25 mg) with it and then backing that off even more. I sleep okay, not fantastic, but better than before I went on the ambien. Keep trying, you'll find what works for you.

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