Posted By Carmel (Clacton On Sea, England) on 04/13/2013

Ted if you have some time please respond.

My sinuses are in a terrible state and have been for decades. I used to get terrible headaches and ears but thankfully they are not so bad now. But am sure that the doctor's solution of continually pumping me with steroids and anti biotics has not helped long term. They had no effect or very temporary help.

My nose is now totally stuffed all of the time. I also have brain fog, lack of memory and energy and my ears are not right.

Sometimes blocked, sometimes hurt.

The supplements I take every day are omega 3, spiriluna, tumeric, high vitamin supplement, zinc, iron, iodine. I did take garlic for a year but am giving it a rest now. I have started to take paul d'arco,

black walnut hulls, cloves, caprylic acid alternating them so that my body does not get used to them, after six or seven days. Have cut down on dairy, cut down on refined food, flour, never have sugar deliberately, no cakes etc or sweets. Cut down on caffeine but still drink it. Increased water.

Every other day I have a glass of warm water with juice of three lemons. So far still the same. Do not expect instant solution but it would be good to see am doing the right things.

Am limited in time so cannot spend hours preparing meals and limited in money so cannot rush out and try a dozen different ideas. Please please advise!


Replied by Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 04/14/2013

Have you ever read the book , Your body's many cries for water.... It is so life changing. I learned so much from that book and the website watercure.com. We think we drink enough water but you can drink a ton of water but it has to be in the right balance with salt and minerals before we can benefit from it.

Histamine is the signal the body sends out when the hydration system is out of balance.


Replied by Marcy (Cincinnati, Ohio, US) on 06/30/2013

Hi, Are you having any other symptoms as listed below? If you are experiencing several of these symptoms, you could be suffering from mold illness.

Fatigue /Weakness /Aches /Muscle Cramps /Unusual Pain /Ice Pick Pain /Headache /Light Sensitivity /Red Eyes /Blurred Vision /Tearing /Sinus Problems /Cough /Shortness of Breath /Abdominal Pain /Diarrhea /Joint Pain /Morning Stiffness /Memory Issues /Focus/Concentration Issues /Word Recollection Issues /Decreased Learning of New Knowledge /Confusion /Disorientation /Skin Sensitivity /Mood Swings /Appetite Swings /Sweats (especially night sweats) /Temperature Regulation or Dysregulation Problems /Excessive Thirst /Increased Urination /Static Shocks /Numbness /Tingling /Vertigo /Metallic Taste /Tremors?

This illness affects multiple systems in the body, which causes the patient to exhibit multiple symptoms. That was my problem. I would recommend checking out Mold warriors or the website. Also I bought a book Herbal antibotics for treating resistant infections like chronic sinus infections.

Peace, Marcy


Replied by Davy (SD, Ca) on 07/09/2013

The best way to cure super tough sinus infections is to get lined up with an Naturopathic Doctor who really knows how to shoot ozone injections into sinuses. It is pretty painless. Or go line up in the ozone sauna or get an ozone generator. Stop all dairy, white flour, fried food and sugar.

Replied by Jeff (Usa) on 04/28/2014

You really need to look at your diet. Something you are eating is probably the root cause. All this other stuff may work to treat after the fact but you have to find what is causing it. What I do is do an organic juice cleanse diet tell you feel good. I use kale and other vegetables. Then I'll implement food slowly. Stay away from all dairy and gluten based products. Good luck.

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