Seeking Rhodiola and 5-HTP Dosages and Tips for Insomnia

Posted By Lesley (Uk) on 10/19/2015

Hi all. Please can I ask advice and help. I'm suffering dreadfully from insomnia at the moment (averaging about 2 hours a night). I'm beside myself and just don't know what to do. I'm losing my marbles and turning into a snappy horrible person. I've called in sick today because I just can't stand to be around people when I'm like this - more for fear of me being rude and unpleasant to colleagues than anything else. I've read about rhodiola and 5htp and wondered if anyone on here could give me suggested dosages and timings of each. I've also heard that niacin is used for people with anxiety issues, so any info on this would be marvellous. Many thanks in advance.

Replied by Robin (Smithfield, Va) on 10/20/2015

Google Dr. Hoffer Anxiety for the Niacin protocol. This protocol has been a godsend to me. But I use it and Rhodiola for depression. I suffer from insomnia as well, and have not found a natural solution. I have tried everything that I have seen on this site. I must admit that I have resorted to pharmaceuticals.

Replied by Steve (Nevada) on 10/20/2015

Many people with insomnia have high night time cortisol levels. If this is what is going on with you Seriphos may be helpful. It lowers cortisol levels naturally so you can sleep. I have used it successfully to relieve insomnia when nothing else was working. Worth a try. Dosage is key on this one. It sometimes took a dozen capsules to get my cortisol level down but once it was down I was able to sleep 5-6 hours which for me was golden.

Replied by Katie (Ballston Spa Ny) on 08/26/2020

Does the seriphos still work for you?

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