Natural Remedies for Severe Insomnia, Leg Issues and Sleep Apnea?

Posted By Bobby (Alta Loma, Calif) on 10/08/2016


I'm new to this site and looked but couldn't find where I am suppose go to ask questions. But, I am 61 years of age. About the last 8 yrs, I have been dealing with about sleeping only 15-20 hours a week of sleep. I also have been dealing with problems with my legs.They have been turning purple and swell up and are numb most of the time. I also forgot to say that I was tested and have..sleep apnea.When, I do sleep it's not for very long. Mostly cat naps maybe at the longest I will sleep is about an hour. I also twitch allot both arms and legs. With the little I sleep, I have trouble remembering things. I also, live alone and really can't take most sleeping pills because most of them make me sleep walk or I may rearrange my house or put things from the frig into closets or drawers.

Thank you so much for any help you can give me or for even reading this. Last thing, I am a veteran and the VA has not been much help.

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Replied by Janet (In) on 10/09/2016


Here is ted's remedies section for insomnia. It is where we found the answers to the problem. Janet

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