Oleamide for Sleep

Posted By Elaine (Troy, Al) on 09/28/2018

Does anyone have experience with Oleamide? I'm wanting to take it for my insomnia. Currently I take 1gram each Seriphose, Glycine, Taurine and Gaba + 1 mg melatonin + 500 mg niacin. sometimes I sleep and dream, most times just lay there until after midnight before I actually sleep. Get up 3-4 times/night for the bathroom. I think it's probably high cortisol / adrenal issues due to the mind racing, but don't know what else to try. Was on ambien for years and used the last one 2 weeks ago, so now I'm trying to tough it out. I eat clean, nothing processed at all, make my own kefir and yogurt (have some with every meal) and eat 3/4 vegetable/1/4 protein. Tested for celiac/gluten sensitivity, don't have that. No issues with allergies or dairy. I cannot eat raw or take extra magnesium because of my ibsd.



Replied by Trudy (Alabama) on 09/30/2018

I bought some oleamide from LiftMode. The included scoop says it holds 50 mg and is 1/32 teaspoon. It is not. It is 1/4 tsp and, when weighed, the 1 scoop amount is 351 mg. I believed their info when I took it-wanted 200 mg, so took 4 scoops. I slept, for sure, but that was WAY too much! The next night I took 1 scoop (still more than the 200 mg I wanted) and it didn't help me at all. A not-so- pleasant side effect was that it gave me diarrhea. All day long. And it burned. Had to use diaper cream to soothe my poor bum.

So, yes it works for sleep if you take a huge amount. I would advise starting low and see how it affects you. I won't be taking it again.

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