Is surgery only answer for peyronies disease

Posted By David (Nashville, Tn) on 06/28/2010

Is surgery the only answer to Peyronies Disease? I have tried Neprinol with no change.
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Replied by John (Hampton, Va.) on 06/30/2010

Hey Dave, Research acetyl-l-carnitine. I have heard that it may help.

Replied by David (Nashville, Tn) on 07/01/2010

Thanks John!! I didn't think I would get a reply to this one. I will read more about acetyl-l-carnitine.

Replied by Tom (Regina, Sk) on 07/01/2010

David: SSKI is "saturated solution potassium iodide." I'm not sure of the size bottle it's available in but, I think it's available off the shelf at pharmacies, or else at a compounding pharmacy.

Dupuytren's contracture" and "Peyronie's disease" are two "fibrotic" conditions that can be helped considerably by SSKI. In Dupuytren's contracture, thickening (fibrosis) occurs along one of the tendons in the palm in the hand, pulling the related finger down towards the palm. As the problem progresses, the finger often can't be straightened any more.

In Peyronie's disease, a very similar thickening occurs along the shaft of the penis, making erections increasingly "curved" and painful. In both cases, rubbing SSKI into the thickened tissue at least twice daily softens and lessens the fibrotic area over a period of several months allowing for more normal function.

For these conditions, it's additionally helpful to take para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) 2 grams, three times daily and to rub a mixture of Vitamin E and DMSO into the thickened areas, also. However, if "caught early", SSKI alone will often "do the job". (It's also advisable to have glucose-insulin tolerance test done, as there's an unusually high incidence of "insulin resistance" in people with Dupuytren's contracture or Peyronie's disease.

Replied by Sherynb (Milwaukee, Wi) on 10/10/2010

If you haven't worked with a urologist who specializes in Peyronie's you might try to find one. If it's not caused by an injury, it's generally an inflammatory process, and aside from cooling the inflammation in your body generally... GENTLE vacuum pressure can slowly straighten the curvature (yeah, the vacuum pumps sex shops advertise). But getting too enthusiastic with it will only exacerbate the problem, so I'd recommend the supervision of a knowledgeable physician if you can find one.

Replied by Km (Ny) on 03/07/2012

Take a look at this website as I believe it is one of the better sites on this topic.

They don't sell anything. It is pretty much a patient advocacy site. Lots of sharing of experiences and research papers. Most everything discussed above so far can be found on this site and more.

I will warn those about predatory websites on Peryronies disease that promise a solution with their elixer. There is no silver bullet. Watch out for false profits. Some people improve but it is often achieved with a variety of lifestyle and supplement changes.

According to many testimonials on the site, following a medical grade vacuum pump therapy protocol is a common theme in healing.


Replied by Beesting (Santiago, Chile) on 03/23/2012

The plaque within the penile, called peyronies, is the same plaque plated on one?s teeth! The driving force to this deformity of the penile is the immune system and its need to protect damaged parts of the body! Sexually, many animals mate only a few times a year! Humans mate excessively all their adult lives! So as in a tennis player having tennis elbow, overly aggressive sex in men produce peyronies, bent penis! The story gets much worse for peyronies has 7 levels of deformity! Of course the immune system does not stop there, over use of the sexual organs requires continued repairing via of plaque depositions elsewhere, like within the prostate gland and both testicles no less! I have presented several letters online. If interested a simple search on Google with keywords, peyronies, beesting should be helpful.

signed, beesting


Replied by Abc (World) on 06/09/2014

Re: Magnesium for Peyronies Disease.? Has anyone tried Magnesium oil for penile plaques? It is used to remove calcification.

Replied by X4 Labs (Montreal, Canada) on 07/31/2014

Hi my name is Adam, wanted to chime in here and hopefully help some people out.

There are a few studies available featuring valuable information about surgery-free methods of treating penile curvature.

Going under the knife to cure Peyronies Disease can be very stressful and is not without its risks. That's why studies that show alternatives are very valuable to those suffering from curvature.

One of the most widely accepted methods of treating is called penile traction therapy. Here are some links to great finding about treating curvature with this method.

Renal & Urology News: Novel Peyronies Disease Treatment Shows Efficacy

NCBI: Penile traction therapy and Peyronie?s disease: a state of art review of the current literature

Patient UK: Initial data seems promising in terms of improving penile length and reducing deformity

Though extensive clinical tests have yet to be conducted it is clear that as it stands the studies that have been published indeed show that penile traction therapy appears to be a very promising surgery-free alternative to Peyronies Disease treatment.

Furthermore, here at X4 Labs Penis Extender, many of our own users have reported vast improvement to their conditions using penile traction therapy devices paired with a Vitamin E supplement. I must warn people considering this type of therapy that it is NOT a miracle cure, and requires both time and effort to achieve desired results.

Hope this helps. Good luck to all with their choice of treatment!


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