Headache and recurring chronic sinus infections

Posted By Marc (Sutter Creek, Ca) on 09/22/2012

Have had almost constant headaches to one extent or another for 5 years. Pain around the eyes and behind the nose. Brutal economy results in me having little $ and no med insurance. 2 weeks ago, found myself with an overnight stay in the hospital for a lung infection. Treatment was a lot of antibiotics, steroids and nebulizer treatments. Found that the nebulizers opened not only my lungs, but also my nasal passages. Antibios must have treated my sinuses too. Lungs got well and I had no headaches for 14 days! Felt like a normal man for awhile. Was even able to finally sleep in bed with my wife lying down with just 1 pillow. Headaches came back and now I'm back on the sofa at night and having to sleep sitting up. Back to having 24/7 light to moderate headaches again.

Based on the antibio treatment for about 10 days and having a 14 day break from the headaches, I would assume that I had an infection that went away for the most part, but now is back just like before.

Have tried saline washes. Seems to help sometimes, but doesn't cure the problem. Perhaps I need to go on some really powerful antibios for about a month? Will try combo saline and peroxide rinses starting soon to see if that does anything for me.

Suggestions are appreciated.


Replied by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 09/23/2012

Marc, when you do those rinses with h2o2, breathe thru the stuff in your mouth. Meaning take about 6-7 slow breaths while the stuff is in the bottom of your mouth, in between swishes.

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