For 15 years chronic sinus infection

Posted By Alison (UK) on 08/11/2014

For 15 years have had constant head pressure, feeling like head is full and stuffy especially after looking down for a long period, rocking sensation like being on a boat. Symptons worse with a hangover, stressed or am unwell. Bloods, MRI, ct scan all normal. X ray showed inflamed sinus but no runny nose, but always sound nasal and do have post nasal drip in throat and full ears. Any ideas ?

Replied by Kay (FL, US) on 08/13/2014

Two specific enzymes target such sinus issues, they are named serrapeptase and nattokinase. They are easiest obtained in supplement form at health food stores, but are also found in some fermented foods (particularily Japanese and Korean fermented tofu, and fermented cabbage/kimchee and other homemade saurekrauts). Also a specialised probiotic named "L. rhamnosus" targets/heals sinus infections effectively; other than at health food stores, I've only found it in the USA in some Weight Watchers and Stoneybrook brand yogurts, so you must read the lables.

You may also benefit greatly from inhaling hydrogen peroxide as well; there's a page for this somewhere here on Earth Clinic; and cutting out sugar (and alcohol and beer) as well.

Good Luck!


Replied by Leigh Americus (Texas, US) on 10/08/2014

Charlotte, you likely have a yeast infection which is causing your sinus problems. Mayo Clinic reports 90% of their sinus patients infections are caused by yeast. To clear the yeast from your system take 1 tablespoon of Cream of Tarter in 1 glass of water three times a day for five days.

I had a horrible sinus infection in 2010. I did this after three rounds of antibotics (Apr, Jun and Aug) and an MRI (Sept) that showed nothing. In Oct 2010 I did this and within two days my ears cleared and on the fourth day I could breathe again...after 7 months of suffering. I have also confirmed this works with three of my co-workers who tried this recipe I got from the health food store.

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