Need Help for Chronic Sinus Infection and Antibiotic Resistance from C.Diff

Posted By Elizabeth (South Carolina) on 05/12/2016

I have c.diff and a chronic sinus infection.

I have been in and out of doctors offices. Sinus infection is only sensitive to IV antibiotics, yet I've been on 5 different oral antibiotics since March 3rd because ENT would not culture it for whatever reason. When I demanded a culture 2 weeks ago it proved only iv antibiotics would resolve it.

Now seeing infectious disease doc, but I have c.diff from too many antibiotics so they are reluctant to start iv antibiotics for fear c.diff will damage my small intestine. Problem is I had my colon removed 13 years ago, so if my small intestine is damaged I'm in trouble...more so than now. So that's it in a nut shell. Any suggestions? Thank you.


Replied by Timh (KY) on 05/13/2016

Elizabeth: It is unfortunate that conventional medicine has such limitations with many chronic illnesses. But do not despair! There are a number of herbs like Oregano, Garlic, Neem, Olive Leaf, Pau de Arco, Oregon Grape, Grapefruitseed. Any of these in extract form are effective against a variety of pathogens.

There are other methods like Magnets & Zapping that either kill or damage pathogens.

And even more commonly used remedies here on E.C. like H2O2, Colloidal Silver, MMS, and recently recommended Gallium Nitrate.

There are also natural remedies that considerably hasten the healing of intestines, so please don't think the damage is irreversible.

Acquaint yourself with these suggestions and you can begin your healing journey right away.

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Replied by Ben (Bremerton Wa ) on 05/13/2016

If I were you I would rinse my sinus cavities with colloidal silver or goldenseal powder mixed into a little water then snuffed up the nose. some people use sea salt or a drop of tea tree oil but these things burn too much for me. Goldenseal is very powerful and does not burn sensitive skin like nasal passages.

As for the c. dificil overgrowth that's serious! it can cause an intestinal blockage if left untreated..

Use lots of probiotics, preferably the liquid acidophillus culture. Seems to work more powerful than capsules in my opinion.


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