Cannot Get to a Deep Sleep State Despite Trying Many Remedies

Posted By Cheryl (California) on 11/26/2023

Has anyone ever experienced not being able to get into a deep sleep and therefore you feel like you haven't slept at all? I have been having this for weeks now. I am a 73 year old female who was on prescription medicine for about 8 months and I am off everything now but can't seem to get my sleep back. I had a ministroke about 17 months ago. I have tried melatonin, 5htp, gaba, tryptophan, inositol, B6 etc. I take a lot of vitamins. My B12 tested low and my iron on blood test but folate was real high 6 months ago. Any help or suggestions for sleep would be greatly appreciated.
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Replied by Art (California) on 11/26/2023


You first have to have your doctor test and then optimize your B12 level as a low B12 level can cause insomnia and anemia which seems like you may be in the process of with your low iron level. Anemia, in turn, can also cause insomnia. Low B12 can also cause fatigue during the day which can result in low physical activity during the day which can also contribute to insomnia. To try and reverse this negative health cycle, have your doctor optimize your B12 level via injections and go from there.

B12 level tends to decline with age due to poor absorption in the gut from food and you mentioned that you are 73.

The following UCLA article discusses the relationship between age and B12 level :

A relevant article quote :

' It is estimated that up to 20% of people over the age of 60 become deficient in this very important vitamin, so the concerns of your father’s new physician are well-founded.'


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Replied by Sam (Miami) on 11/26/2023

Did they do MMA (Methylmalonic acid) test for B12? Urine or Blood. B12 plasma is a useless test.

Describe your sleep. Problem with falling asleep? Interrupted sleep? Awakened often as from a jolt? Sleep paralysis? Sympathetic activation at night time? Feel worse in the morning, when you wake up? Write back describing your sleep.

I am what they call a supersensitive to EMF person, here're my recommendations.

#1 stop all testing and don't take any supplements (for now). D3+K is fine.

#2 find a reputable acupuncturist. I go to Five Element Acupuncture specialist, they are different from traditional acupuncturists, but any acupuncture school is fine. They could give you herbs if you need them. Acupuncture is a life saver for me. I have one who comes to my house when I can't drive due to symptoms

#3 check your bedroom. If your bed is next to a wall, any wall, especially a headboard, move it a lest 2 ft away from all walls. Do you have a smart meter on the outside wall of your bedroom? What exactly on the other side of your wall? Kitchen or other appliances? Make sure there is no WiFi router in your bedroom and absolutely no wireless devices, especially smartphones. Buy a tester for dirty electricity, there are 2 companies that sell it. Buy dirty electricity filters if the tester shows the levels are high. If you live in an apartment you could be bombarded by your neighbor's wifi from all directions. Check the distance from your house to the nearest cell tower, antennas etc. You can do it online. Do you live less than 10 miles from an airport or a Weather Radar(news stations now have powerful radars)?

#4 your good sleep starts with an early am exposure to sunlight. The mechanism is very complex, but if your eyes and body rarely get exposed to sunlight, good sleep becomes problematic to say the least.

Just remember, there are no magic pills that would help you with your sleep (regardless what others might say), you body homeostasis needs to be restored, but first lets see what you write back.

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Replied by Nikki (Sun Prairie) on 11/29/2023

Quit all caffeine

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