14 yr old with insomnia

Posted By Jannah (Blackburn, Lancashire, England) on 11/09/2012

Hi! I have a daughter she is 14 years old, she have a problem with her sleep, she told me that her eyes and body feel tired but her mind cant switch off. I have tried giving her calming teas, hot chocolate and have tried with castor oil before sleeping but she goes to sleeping in the early part of the night and awake thereafter again fall asleep when time to go to school near. She become very moody and annoyed with every little things, please help as this will surely disturb her quality of life and school as well.

Replied by Juliette (Reston) on 11/09/2012

Wow... A lot of people struggling with insomnia this time of year! I consider myself an expert on the subject ;) It could be hormonal due to her age. but like I told the other posters I think that 5htp and GABA are life savers as far as insomnia and irritability goes.

Also youtube guided meditations for sleep and delta binaural beats :) binaural beats are soo interesting and really work!

A magnesium supplement at night could really be helpful... Useful for a lot of things, very calming and relaxing.

She could also be vitamin D deficient... I found out I was and we probably could all use a Vitamin D supplement in the winter!

Good luck!!!


Replied by Anon (Anon) on 11/09/2012

Hi, try limiting stimulating stuff like computers/ laptops/ electronic games / homework at bedtime. Have a regular relaxation time every night - say 9pm when every night she can relax and chill for a while before bed- watch disgracting tv programme/DVD she loves... Or read. I have a busy 14 year old and this helps as does a relaxing bath with magnesium Epsom salts in it. The magnesium balances out the calcium levels. No stimulating food/ drink near bedtime- no coffee at all or tea no colas or caffeine drinks or strong chocolate. Only food thats easily digestable like bananas at bedtime.. 14 year olds either eat loads or restrict their food so check shes not hungry! Camomile tea is great but it's an acquired taste. Have a chat at some point to check she's not stressed about something. Lavender smells in bedroom can be relaxing. If I can't sleep I do reiki which works every time for me- but if you've not been taught that maybe listening to relaxing music with ear plugs may help and meditation tape may help..

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