Yorkie Puppy Who Scratches

Question by Vanessa (Stuart, Florida) on 06/06/2008

Hello, I hope you can help me, I'm a little confused, I have a 5 month old yorkie puppy, she is on a raw diet with a little bit of holistic dry food. A couple of weeks ago she started scratching her neck and biting her paws, I've been searching for fleas but found nothing. I don't think she has lost any hair and I don't see any marks or redness on her skin. Can you please give me an idea of what I can try to ease her scratching .... I would really appreciate your advice.... Thank you

Replied by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 06/07/2008

Dear Vanessa:

Assuming the dog doesn't have hot spots, mange sometimes the skin has a fungus condition, which is helped with either soaking with a white distilled vinegar or a more effective remedy a 5% solution of ammonium chloride, for a couple of minutes then rinsed with plain water.

In the long run this skin problem might be helped by adding 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a one liter drinking water as the baking soda helps the digestive process, especially proteins.


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