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Liquid Bandaid for Cats

Question by Donna (Winston Salem, NC) on 10/21/2006

Question Regarding Ringworm in Cats: Is "Liquid Bandaid" safe to use on kittens and cats I read that nail polish method can be harmful to pets. Is Liquid Bandaid a safe alternative for pets Also, has anyone heard of putting "Gold Bond Medicated Powder" on pets to treat ringworm A foster mother of cats said this is her cure. I will try the Apple Cider Vinegar bath on my 3 month old kitten who has ringworm. Our vet has just put her on liquid drops but since the culture took 7 days to develop the ringworm has rapidly spread. I am fearful of this oral medications and the potential side effects of this medication. Please advise.

Replied by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand)

No. The ingredients for liquid bandaid is acetone and alcohol. It appears that cats are quite sensitive to the acetone content of liquid bandaid. Washing the cats in a saturated solution of borax in vinegar would be a more safer alternative. The key is frequent application without rinse. In some cases liquid bandaid appears to spread the ringworm fungus especially during rainy season or when the weather is wet. The bandaid sometimes do not stick well and if the cat scratches the area, this creates extra problem. Therefore the key to treatment is using borax and ACV or vinegar would solve the itchiness and the killing of the ringworm all at once. Liquid bandaid does not appear to be effective.
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