Dog Has Yeast or Mange

Question by G.D. on 11/01/2007

Ted, I hope you can help us! Our newfoundland dog we believe has yeast or mange. She has red skin, black spots like pigmentation and scratches until she bleeds. .Also, her hair is falling out, and her skin is VERY dry. We think this started 2 years ago with her ears, they smelled terrible and she shook them nonstop. Her ears still smell, but they don't seem to bother her much. However, she does have a discharge that comes out of her eyes, so each morning her eyes have to be cleaned just so she can see. Our vet says it is due to her hormones and she will get better in time, and this past summer our vet put a flea control on her which seemed to make her problem worse. We've done the mange cure, followed your directions and it seemed to help a little, but was not getting rid of her problem and symptoms. We've also tried ACV, and TKO, and she might seem a little better at first but still scratches and bites at herself. We have started to feed her a complete natural diet with little or no grains. Could you please tell us what else we could try. And what we could use on her skin for the excessiive drying. Would the Milk of Magnesia you've spoke about be good for her Please respond as soon as possible Thanks G.D. and K.

Replied by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand)

A common remedy for a dry skin condition is evening primrose oil, one teaspoon mixed in a dog food. A dog's skin falling off is often insects, but can be certain staph bacteria for example. As an emeergency remedy I used, milk of magnesia (no aluminum) mixed with water at a ratio of about 1: 2 (which means one part water two parts milk of magnesia solution). The milk of magnesia kills off the invading staph and other bacteria whenever H2O2 and Borax fails to work. As a warning, the milk of magnesia may cause the dog to have a mild diarrhea, but it seems to help some detox. A baking soda 1/2 teaspoon per liter of water will help raise the dog's immune system. On the other hand 1/8 teaspoon only once a week of borax mixed in one liter of drinking water will help the dog raise the hormones.

As to other remedies that may help, the opening of wounds can be healed faster, some aloe vera is applied or in some cases that has helped me was the application of milk of magnesia, than this is followed by a vaseline to prevent further infection in case things do not work out.

In some cases a certain mange can be resistant to H2O2 and borax treatment due to a REINFECTION. If this is the case the H2O2 and borax is redone, but this time the dog is quarantined in a small room or cage that is sterilized and clean during the treatment period. I have found this method to work quite well in case the H2O2 and borax didn't work initially. I suspect that there is a small hives of mange somewhere in the house that the dogs get reinfected, and hence a quarantine the dog in a clean sterilized area, instead of allowing the dogs to roam around a large area seems to do the trick.


Replied by Jerry (Hebron, Ky) on 06/29/2013

I have a 9 year old peek a poodle she has white fur, but some of it has started to turn dark under her front legs and neck and around her belly and it has a slight smell to it even the next day after washing her can you please help thank you Jerry

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