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Re: Ted's Remedies for Multiple Ailments

AB (Anonymous) on 02/02/2014

Hi Ted and Tks for the recipes of lotions they are really helpfull, i can find all the ingredients and mix them to form somethig good for kids. Also i want to as u verry much to help me with some recipes on:

SILENT reflux i have on 2 males 27 years old with dyspepsia bad breath and reflux with no pain just mucus(i just want ur opinion,i know internet is full of recipes and diets)

i have a family and the father and son have ADD/ADHD also i want to ask ur advice they have poor memory recall,social anxiety gain fat easy(estrogen maybe) and that affects their jobs they are deperate..

also i have a women 14 weeks pregnant that wants to know how to diet and suplement and be healthy during her pregnancy,u know just people that wants to be informed of what is better and they come to doctors But i already told you what kind of dr we have they came to me and i ask you TED please!

TKS A LOT TED u are one of a kind especially when ur own people do not want to help,and also may i dare to ask you if i can bother u in the future for some advices?

02/04/2014: Ted replies: "Well just call me if in Thailand. Silent reflux is really a bad fermenting bacteria. Dino tea helps. Aloe vera oils helps healing of the stomach. B6 will help digestion. Potassium deficiency is the cause of bad breath usually. 20 drops three times a day.

ADHD has mostly to due to digestion issues as food are not completely digested. Urine may smell bad and is a known neurotoxin ascorbic acid vitamin c will help. Ted"

02/11/2014: AB replies: "Hyy TEDD it's me again,i am sorry to bother you Dear Ted but this man with ADHD when he is tring low carb and he eats meat he gets nausea from it meat like burps and gennerally depressed,he tried cooking meat in different forms..

what source of protein coud he eat until he will be healed??he started low carb diet max 50 gr per day of carbs from kiwi fruit,,kefir is OK??he just wants to heal

he bought potasium citrate boron, magnesium chloride,vitamin c ampules,b complex,liver detox suplement (sylimarin artichoke) but i do not know what could i tell him to eat on low carb diet and low meat?

whey protein isolate is ok,i know milk is not okay for adhd..

i know i am asking u a lot dear TED but please help me with this one,i do not know what to tell the poor guy...."

02/12/2014: Ted replies: "You keep things simple. Take b6 50 mg three times a day first. And take vitamin c ascorbic acid 500 mg with meals and he can drink lime juice with baking soda three times a day. Have to correct that first and the try humic acid to kill bacteria. Ted"

02/15/2014: AB replies: "Thank you good Ted for this. U are an artist ,really,i gave him ampules 50 mg pyridoxine Hcl for 2 days and vit C and he is better with digestion brain fog and memory recall,OAU!! ,he has the will to live againd and not feel fatigued and depressed,dyspepsia is somewhat gone .

I cannot understand something, he took every suplement under the sun dear TED, B 50 vitamins, methylation treatment, melatonin(untl his joints started to crack so he stopped) canitine vitaminc High doses,alkaline treatment from you(sodium bicarbonate and lime juice) nothing woked ,he felt depressed low energy fatigue,and for 2 days he feels ok

Ted he is afraid of B6 toxicity he had insomni as a side effect and some finger tingling beside all the good effects(digestion).so he read about this toxicity ob B6 maybe u can tell me PLEASE TED how can he avoid become toxic??

Do you advise him to go make mineral hair analysis(he also has grey hair)???

I am being a prick for bothering you but i want to make sure that he will not get into trouble, if you can please enlight me in this metter and i cannot thank you enough for giving his life back even for a short while!!"

02/15/2014: Ted replies: "There is no toxicity from b6 as it is a water soluble vitamin. But there is b1deficiency from numbness. I usually see stick blood or high blood viscosity so take sodium citrate half teas before sleep may help. I find b50 is useless as other b competes with other bs. So you must get correct b.Ted


Ted from Bangkok, Thailand is one of Earth Clinic's most famous contributors. He's been posting on Earth Clinic since 2004. Lately he's been busy treating clients all of Southeast Asia, so we don't hear much from him lately. When we do, however, it's always interesting! Keep reading below for Q&A emails from Ted and people who have written to him for help regarding multiple ailments.

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