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Question by Ted (Bangkok Thailand) on 02/10/2007

Mesothelioma or asbestos cancer takes at least several decades for a cancer to develop due to exposure. This issue of "several decades" is a clue and also a good news in that you can theoretically delay such asbestos cancer from developing in your life time. Most of the public has a misconception that once the asbestos is lodged in your lung, you will have a cancer, and it needs a certain incubation period of a decade or so.

The good news is to understand how an asbestos cancer can develop into a cancer and find ways to delay them indefinitely. When an asbestos is lodged in your lung, physical removal is an impossibility in most cases. Once an asbestos is permanently lodged, it causes an inflammation as well as your susceptibility to sickness because the place where it lodges it allows bacteriaand viruses to enter your system much easier as it reduces barrier which protects from such entry. This means that the ease at which the pathogens can enter the body is made easier with the lodging of asbestos in the lungs. This causes inflammation and raises the body's immune system, thus exhausting it. Over the course of a decade or so once the body's immune system is reduced then cancer is struck. Therefore, the cause of this condition can be prevented by raising your body's defense system and immune system.

Thus, increasing the body's defense system such as eating food high in silicon such as oatmeal of one or two cups, taking zinc supplements, selenium and alkalizing the body such as citric acid and sodium bicarbonate will help delay or possibly reverse the onset of the asbestos cancer. One good news is if you are already expose to this you can possibly delay such onset.

IN addition to previous postings, taking baby aspirin regularly will remove the inflammation in the lungs and this should also help delay or possibly reverse the conditions as aspirins have both anti-inflammatory properties as well as anti-cancer properties, assuming of course that there is a close relationship between cancer and certain cancer causing viruses.

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Replied by Chamaeleontidae2000 (South Bend, Wa) on 09/27/2013

I noticed your article on mesotheleoma written in 2007 or thereabouts on how the asbestos interferes with the immune system and directing on several methods to alkalize the body. Have there been any more studies about treatments that help or cure this disease Can you direct me to any site that has more information

Replied by Mj (Colorado) on 06/23/2014

I've also read that cancer victims are typically low in L-lysine, Vitamin D, and are chronically dehydrated at the cellular level. Some cancer cells are simply severely oxygen deprived and have resorted to the fermentation process in order to survive, hence their sugar dependency. Getting the blood moving and cutting out all sugars, limiting fruits and loading up on low-glycemic vegetables-vegetable juices and getting the Omega3/Omega6 intake ratio to a minimum of 4:2 - flaxseed oil added to juices or high Omega3 fish may help. The Omega6 should NOT come from French fries! Rather, from whole, natural foods. Almonds are helpful overall, 3 daily is suggested. Mesothelioma may not be the result of, or create pockets that depend on the fermentation process, but sugar will still negatively affect the system as a whole. As far as food grade hydrogen, I also get mine from thedontolman.com, and it comes with instructions for an internal oxygenation process. I'm sure there are other resources, but start SLOWLY and build, and have a beginning and ending for the process over the course of one to three months, then start over later as needed. For residual toxins and metals, Chelation IV therapy can help remove and prevent further irritation. There are probably different protocols for different cancers, but these are good additional immune system guidelines that could make the difference. I do not have mesothelioma, but I have had some cancer-related issues that are now under control, and a close relative has just been diagnosed with mesothelioma. This information would be what I would share with my family and I thought it only right that I share to a bigger family, as your information is also valuable to me.
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