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Question by Anoymous (Anonymous) on 07/16/2011

Dear Ted,

At age 25 I had a grapefruit size meningioma. the emergency room surgeon said I had to have immediate surgery or die. the surgery almost killed me and changed me forever. one year later I had a new MRI that showed no tumor, so the surgeon said that I didn't have to have one unless I had headaches. I just passed 5 years post surgery in April. Then in June I got headaches (was a sinus infection, no headaches now) so I had MRI and there are two meningiomas in the same frontal lobe. In 2006 It was left frontal lobe. this time the 1.5cm one is on the left and the 3.5cm one is on the right, both from the midline in the frontal lobe. when I got the news, I stopped eating sugar (except some fruit) and processed food, and am trying to eat organic.


Replied by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 07/26/2011

I call all sorts of non cancer, pre-cancerous conditions. When the conditions are ideal, such as circulating calcium is high, blood sugar is high, and high acidity these are conditions necessary for them to go into cancer. There are others, but that is pre-cancerous, such as high sodium and low potassium in the diets. The one thing is all processed food has a way of sneaking in the food supply, such as aloe vera juice, bananas. canned foods, are some of the things, and high blood pressure is an indication you are victim of modern food supply. It doesn't happen if you were living in Amazon forest to find processed cheese, salt, but you will likely find potassium citrate, vegetarian, animal meats, nuts, mostly.

The one supplement that I used for tumor/cyst aneurism is lysine, vitamin C and potassium citrate. That is most important and will eliminate most the headaches. The exception is if headaches are caused by cyst, in which case I will dissolve the cysts with tetra Sodium EDTA and stonebreaker (herbal remedy) to dissolve the stones. Since it is some scientific evidence that nanobacteria causes cysts, if a person has no issues about antibiotics you take in evening away from food 2 hours, and before sleep, tetracycline hydrochloride. Should there may be any signs of nausea or vomiting with that, you simply discontinue the tetracycline hydrchloride.

Check you cholesterol to see if they are normal, if not then you may consider granulated lecithin (no oils!) and take maybe 1 teaspoon a day.

As for the other supplements you may follow the case I am treatment of the person who has cancer in his brain what his supplement am I using, the only difference is these I listed here, there are others I used, but this is to get your headaches out and reduce the cyst.

For tumor to shrink you can take both MSM, 1000 mg x 4 times a day, and DMSO 8 drops x 4 times a day, and some iodine if you can take it, say 1 drops a night first.

Take lemon juice with baking soda, it helps, or you can use potassium bicarbonate to replace the baking soda.


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Replied by Randy Bradner (Usa) on 11/03/2016

Nice story Ted. I have had 2 so far. Treating the 2nd one the way I Treated the first 1, Radiation. The Radiation I am doing now is called "slow radiation". Hoping it removes what's left. The Surgeon explained to me it was too big to get it all so there is still 15% floating around.

Replied by Ray (Rio Grande City Tx ) on 10/25/2022

How can I get in touch with Ted or can he send me an email. I have multiple Meningiomas please tell him I need to consult him thanks

Replied by Ray (Rio Grande City Tx ) on 10/29/2022

How can I get in touch with Ted can he send me an email I have multiple Meningiomas please tell him I need to consult him thanks

EC: So sorry. Ted had a stroke in 2015 and has been unable to correspond with Earth Clinic readers since that time.


Replied by Ray (Rio Grande City TX) on 07/06/2023

I didn't know that Ted wasn't communicating with Earth Clinic readers anymore but can any readers from Earth Clinic that have had brain tumors and craneotomies help me by sharing or tell me if they were able to shrink their brain tumors naturally or with supplements/medications I have had 4 craneotomies already I still have 9 atypical Meningiomas please help me any Earth Clinic readers. I will appreciate it very much thanks may post on earth clinic

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