Vitamin C for Skin

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Sue (Usa) on 06/06/2010:
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vitamin C solution for complexion

I have sensitive skin that reacts badly to most products, even herbal/organic ones. I have had success with making vitamin C solution using the powdered L-ascorbic acid that is often recommended here on Earthclinic.

In a small container, mix 1/4 teaspoon of the powder in 1 teaspoon of water -- watch out, it will fizz! -- and then add 1 teaspoon of vegetable glycerin (available at any health food store.) Keep this in a small brown glass bottle, or at least make sure it is away from light and heat. The smaller the bottle, the better, since air in the bottle will destroy its potency. Once it turns yellowish, it is no longer effective, so you'll need to remake it (a few days or even over a week later, depending on storage conditions). Just smooth it onto your face. It has reduced wrinkles and pore size, and seems to have helped the rosacea as well.

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Patti (Ewing , NJ) on 03/26/2009:
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Vitamin C and youthful skin: I knew someone who used to take Vitamin C crystals several times a day. He looked so young and his skin was always glowing and healthy. He was 40 at the time and played sports so he was in the sun a lot. He told me the he took the vitamin C for a lot of reasons but a bonus was that it worked on the collegan in the skin. He explained it this way. If your skin is the bricks, the collagen would be the morter between the bricks. As you age the mortar (Collagen) breaks down and things start to sag. But the vitamin C works to keep that collagen firm. Naturally I started taking the Vitamin C right away. This was over 12 years ago. I take Ester C, and have gradually increased my dosage up to 5000 mgs a day. I will take 2 500 mg capsules upon waking, then with all three meals, then at bedtime. This amount works for me and I learned a lot about it from reading the works of Linus Pauling. I found that I was the one who didn't get all of the virus's and colds going around. I used to get sore throats all the time, no matter what the season, which sometimes led to wicked strept throat. No more. I'm sure this is because of the Ester C. I'm almost 51, and no one has guessed my age to be in my 40s yet. I keep my age to myself but not the benefits of vitamin C!
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