Vitamin C for Ph

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Erdie (Cebu City, Philippiones) on 09/07/2007:
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Im Erdz of cebu.... I really appreciate the effects of vit. C especially when I knew the latest Vit. C (daily C) bopered [buffered] Non Acidic Vitamin C... I haven much daily C evn in mega Dosing... becuase i have the fever and flue... more than that my friend told me that daily c is ati [anti] oxidant and nutralizer [pH neutralizing] ive observed that few acidity was not able to bodered [bother] me anymore..eventually i drink softdrinks... so finally i really thankful right now becuase taking mega dose of daily C which is sodium Ascorbate (non Acidic Vitamin C) is advantage than other vit. C we know from the market...(ascorbic Acid) we are prone to sickness and pro-oxidant.
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