Vitamin C for Pain

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Jill (Hamilton) on 05/06/2018:
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Generalised and mirrored body pain generalised swelling, constant buzzing throughout my body. Antinuclear antibodies showing up in tests but all other tests within normal range. 3 months with symptoms and told by doctor there was nothing she could do. Went to biomedical practitioner and given IV Vitamin C ... symptoms went away within hours!
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Dez57 (Beatty, Oregon) on 07/20/2012:
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I have several bad teeth. Broken and bare. Two years ago my old filling started two break up and my was mouth full of pain and inflammation. After $300. Dollar dental bills and no end in sight, I increased my ascorbic acid intake to 8 to 15 grams a day to counter the inflammation and pain. Two years later I now have 5 broken and bare teeth with no pain. I cannot afford dental work for another four years when my house is paid off. Also my health has never been better. I take all the basic vitamins and minerals with added supplements which I have done for 50 years. Only thing I have ever seen a doctor for is injuries.

My doctor is F R Klenner. He died in 1984 and his vitamin therapy is used today around the world. You will find his papers on the internet. He has been given the AMA's highest recommendation, by blackballing his name and work for over 60 years. If you do not take at least 5 grams of ascorbic acid a day, you are in trouble or will be. Even a 140lb goat makes 5 grams a day in its liver and up to 60 grams a day when sick or injured. Goats also do no not ingest processed foods, sugars, oils and junk food and neither do I.

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