Vitamin C for Mono

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Gigigirl (Baltimore, Maryland) on 07/12/2013:
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My daughter at 17 tested positive for mono. She was living with her father at the time, a choice made entirely by her at an age when she thought living with him would be a lot more fun than living with her more strict and responsible mother. :) Hence, she ended up with mono and a grim prognosis that there is no treatment other than at least three weeks bed rest. It would have to "run it's course". I was living in a high-rise building at the time with huge windows and tons of sunlight. For three days she rested on a sofa in front of the windows and consumed mega doses of vitamin c, via tablets and orange juice. She also ate almost nothing but a favorite (thankfully) homemade ham and bean soup loaded with cabbage and tomatoes. The third day of her recovery, I came home from work and she excitedly exclaimed, "Mom! Guess what happened! All of the sudden today when I took a swallow of my juice, all that crud in my throat went away. It's gone! And I feel great! ". I had her cultured two days later and she tested negative for mono. Her doctor was stunned. I wasn't!
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Richard Morgan (Edgewater, Florida) on 07/09/2008:
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Oral vitamin C therapy as recommended by Dr. Robert Cathcart was employed to resolve within 14 days a case of mononucleosis contracted by my 17-year-old grand-daughter.

1st 24 hours, 7000mg ascorbic acid powder in orange juice every hour.
Subsequent days: 1000mg every hour until bowel tolerance syndrom; thereafter, an amount of the vitamin every three hours just short of bowel tolerance syndrome.

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