Lypospheric Vitamin C

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Icandoit (Bc Canada) on 06/20/2014:
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I'm a lurker on these sites and this is the first time I've posted a comment...anywhere!

I've followed the online recipe and been successful with every batch of lypospheric vitamin C for 2.5 months now. I found the recipe clear and concise and living rurally, I order my supplies online and do use an ultrasonic machine. I take 14 oz. over 24 hours.

When I first started with C I was experiencing general malaise, low energy, pain throughout my body, brain fog and a general depression. For years I was "Wonder Woman" but slowly losing my steam, and have no doubt I was experiencing adrenal fatigue, as well, my thyroid levels were low (I'm on synthroid) and as my body burden (heavy metal toxicity) grew my energy levels dropped.

I did see the ND 6 weeks ago and was told to keep doing what I was doing with the vit C.

After the first week on C I added lypo glutathione, 4 Tbsp. daily, for seven weeks, at which time my bowel tolerance for the LG told me enough. I reduced to 1 Tsp. LG and now have stopped LG.

Being a brave soul and enjoying the benefits of increased energy, a pain free body and clearer, more positive thinking (after 10 years of pain, being Wonder Woman I've had my share of wrecks) I am now ready to address the life time of allergies that I came with. And so I have added MSM to my cocktail and after 3 weeks of LypoC and MSM water I am noticing that my allergies are still present but I am experiencing significantly less of a reaction.

I can also report that my skin is soft, my eyes are clear and sparkling and I have thicker, fuller hair and my nail beds are a nice, healthy pink, my massage therapist sees me monthly and she commented that my muscles are more flexible.

I see the ND next week and am excited about my results, life can only get better! I am continuing my 14 oz. of vit C and MSM. I'll have a 6 month blood work check done next.

I appreciate the Lypo C information provided for those of us wanting to take our health into our own hands, I'm 62 and feel empowered and healthier than I have in years!

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