Vinpocetine for Memory Recall

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Marta (Chicago) on 07/08/2020:
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I tested a bottle of Vincopenine (sp?) a few years ago after reading an article on it. I was impressed by the memory recall I had on the first day. All of a sudden, I started having memories from childhood, when I was 5 years old. I was remembering my playmates names from kindergarten class and all sorts of interesting memories from jungle gym equipment outside. After that first day, I noticed that my brain was considerably sharper. Good for those dull-witted days!! Would love to hear from others who have tried this supplement. It's been off my radar for a while now but I am going to try it again soon!

Interesting that Amazon doesn't sell it. Is that because it's not sold in Canada and other countries because it's a nootropic?

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Jennifer (Texas) on 09/01/2016:
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I have used vinpocetine supplements (made from the seeds of periwinkle) to help with memory while I have been studying and have had adrenal fatigue. My ND was fine with me using it.

I believe the reason the FDA can make and patent a drug from any herb is that they isolate the constituent they want to use and make a drug from or including that constituent. So they are not patenting the herb but the drug they made using something from the herb. In fact, it seems that many companies do this - skin care, supplements, etc. - and then patent their product. It doesn't mean the product has the whole plant in it, it is often an extract or part of the plant. By the time we get it in a prescription or other form, the actual strength you are getting is not all that great - IMO!

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