Niacin (B3) for Niacin Contraindications

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Theory Ladeness (NJ) on 07/23/2018:
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Great advice, Andrea.

Some people might be sensitive to even the smallest dosages, especially if not taken with food.

I have found that the benefits of niacin, when taken with avocados, seem to be many times greater than taken alone.

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Andrea C (Wales) on 05/06/2014:
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Hi Niacinamide has been found to cause Liver problems in some people and Nicotinic Acid ( Flush Niacin B3) should never be taken by people who are 'undermethylator.'

This has many symptoms and can be quite drastic if used by the wrong people. I suggest if you are, or thinking of using Niacin for any reason read up on being an 'undermethylator. ' before or if your having problems and already using it.

Love Andrea C xxxxx

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