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Garlic for Sinus Infections

Garlic is one of the most potent and important medicinal herbs and superfoods, used worldwide for a wide variety of ailments. Since the time of the ancient Greeks, well over 2,000 years ago, doctors and scientists have been using and studying the healing qualities of garlic, including its powerful antibacterial properties.

Sinus infections manifest as inflammation in the sinus cavity that restricts the flow of mucus. Foreign irritants, allergens or other infection in the sinuses cause tremendous pain, feelings of pressure and headache. While a number of effective home treatments are available, garlic is one of the most valuable and potent natural remedies.

Garlic - A Pungent Home Remedy

While best known for its use in the kitchen, garlic's most valuable use may actually be as an effective medicinal treatment. While particularly effective for relieving sinus infection, this powerful antibacterial is often used for immune system support, preventing cancer, protecting the liver and the heart and lowering cholesterol. ...

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