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Coconut Oil - The Natural Sinus Infection Treatment

Coconut Oil for Sinus Infections

When it comes to treating the debilitating effects of sinus infections, most individuals are willing to try just about anything. With such an array of treatment products available, however, it can be difficult to decide where to start or what option to choose. Whether a sinus infection has just begun or has been hanging on for days (or even weeks), coconut oil is one of the safest, most effective natural remedies available.

Are Antibiotics Useful?

While many individuals often turn to common antibiotics to treat all sorts of conditions, the truth is these drugs really aren't that effective for treating sinus infections. The problem with many antibiotics and even over-the-counter decongestants is that they cause an imbalance in the body. This imbalance initiates the drying out of the nasal passages, which prevents effective mucous flow and leads to additional buildup in the nasal cavity. All of this compounds and leads to a worsening effect in the condition rather than a remedying treatment.

Coconut Oil - A Natural Antibiotic

In contrast to typical treatments, coconut oil actually relieves the condition. With its variety of beneficial properties, coconut oil is often considered a natural antibiotic and is an especially effective treatment for sinus infections. Organic virgin coconut oil is the best type of coconut oil to use in this treatment and is readily available in most healthfood stores and over the internet. ...

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