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Cayenne for Sinus Infection - The Spicy Solution

Cayenne for Sinus Infections

A number of different conditions have the potential to affect the nasal passages, but one of the telltale intruders is a sinus infection. One of the most troublesome health conditions, sinus infections cause pain and inflammation, not to mention excessive congestion in the sinuses. When experiencing nasal congestion, people reach to a lot of different remedies, often to no avail. But, one fail proof sinus infection treatment is cayenne.

The Issue with Medicated Sprays and Treatments

In an effort to clear the nasal passages and relieve congestion, people try several different treatments - one of those being medicated sprays. While such treatments are designed to treat nasal congestion, these treatments offer short-term relief. Even worse than limited relief, though, these sprays often create a "reliance" effect in the body under which the body requires more and more of the spray to achieve relief.

Cayenne Pepper for Sinus Infections

Consider the effect cayenne has on the senses at any point in time, and you'll understand why the peppery spice is so effective as a sinus infection treatment. The spice triggers the release of the sinuses and naturally relieves congestion. ...

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