Prosperity Remedies

You've gotta know that Earth Clinic - the people bringing you all those little known $1 cures - could write you up a prescription for a whole list of things more important than the almighty dollar. We don't think that money can buy you health or happiness, but it's just as clear that a lack of money can bring an otherwise healthy mind, soul, and body to despair and disease. Wealth isn't a need, but financial security ought to be a right. Therefore, we present this page as a place to share your own secrets and questions about the pursuit of real prosperity, understood in the full broadness of health and happiness.

In the best and worst of times how have you managed to save money, to spend and invest it properly? How did you bring security to your family? Have you mastered a financial philosophy or a system of home economy? What books or practices have gotten you through the tough times? For many, the hard times have arrived and we could all use your hopeful words and hard-fought wisdom.

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List of Remedies for Prosperity Remedies