Oil Pulling for Multiple Oils Tried

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Sophienam (Geneva, Switzerland) on 08/16/2009:
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Hello, I started oil pulling some weeks ago now but after two weeks I got a crippling pain in my hip. I switched oils from sunflower to olive but this made no difference. I stopped the oil pulling for two weeks and the pain stopped. I restarted the oil pulling again yesterday and immediately the pain came back. I've never had this pain before and it's so bad I've started to walk with a limp. Has anyone else experienced this pain? Should I stop? Continue? I was doing so much good for the pain. Help..

Eunice (Nairobi, Kenya) on 08/04/2009:
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I have tried oil pulling with sesame and sunflower oil for the last one month. my skin looks younger, softer and the age spots are quickly disappearing.I have also been taking EVCO now and then and have been using it as a moisturiser. In addition, I have used baking soda for brushing my teeth. They are whiter and firmer and when I wake up in the morning my breath is fresh! Thanks for this website.

Where can i find blackstrip molasses, organic applecider vinegar and food grade hydrogen peroxide in Nairobi kenya? I would like to try these as i know from the testimonials they will help with my back problems and weight regulation. Thanks Ted and earth clinic contributors for all the information on this site.

EC: Check each remedies "where to buy" section for info. If there isn't anything posted for Nairobi, please submit separate questions for each remedy.



Ophelide (Montreal, Canada) on 06/21/2009:
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After a night of web-search to avoid antibiotics for a dental abscess, found this site ! In addition to ingestion of a few drops 4xday of oregano essential oil, I started Oil pulling with coconut oil. Within 3 days, the inflammation was reduced by 80 % and no more sensitivity - The 4th day it started again to pulse and I switched to Sunflower oil, twice a day during the week-end. It has been now 2-weeks I began oil pulling and all seems OK by now - I have a dental appointment next week and I hope not to need a root treatment ! In addition my gums look healthier as well as my skin. Very grateful for the helpful information and testimony.

Patricia (Gatesville, Texas) on 06/12/2009:
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Better But With Side Effects

I've been OPing for about four months now. I've noticed some definite improvements, such as clearer skin and less hair shedding. But I'm having a problem with my tongue. For the last month or so, I've been aware of deepening fissures radiating from the middle of my tongue. Also my entire tongue seems to be somewhat raw (I made some popcorn tonight and the salt stung it a bit). I've been using EVOO [extra virgin olive oil] and Flax oil, both recommended for my blood type, twice a day. Has anybody else had this problem? I've heard that cracks in the tongue can be an indication of vitamin deficiency. Could the OPing be leeching vitamins and minerals from my body?

K (Sacramento, CA) on 05/20/2009:
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Better But With Side Effects

I have been oil pulling for a few months - alternating olive and sesame oils. Gums have tightened up and sinus drainage (heavy at first) has decreased. Energy is good.

However - since doing this my face breaks out, around my chin, cheeks and hairline. I am also using ACV, starting in the same time period..

Could the breakouts be caused by the oil? or by the vinegar?

Are there remedies to fade the dark scars left by the healed broken out spots?

Frances (Tasmania, Australia) on 04/24/2009:
5 out of 5 stars

My husband and I have begun the oil pulling regime. Both have experienced immediate noticeable effects. My sinus's have been heaps clearer, more regular with bowel movements and a general feeling of wellness. My husband has had the same effect re bowels and his blood pressure has gone down quite dramatically and he also has a general feeling of greater wellness. We are both approx. 60 years old and pretty fit and well, but as we age it seems the balance becomes more critical. Thanks for the tip, I think we will be doing this for life, we have always scrapped our tongues each morning another Arevedayic (?) practice. Great Site.!!

PS we have used sesame oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil, coconut a bit heavy but still OK.

Ari (Roswell, GA) on 04/23/2009:
5 out of 5 stars

I'm so so excited. I posted a few months ago and want to provide an update. I had a sever case of gum disease. NO MORE! I started oil pulling a few months ago, daily. I use Sunflower oil and Coconut oil.

I went to the dentist today and I was told my pockets are normal, except for a few and my gums look great! He told me I didn't need deep scaling and a simple cleaning was all I needed! I'm over joyed.

I also use coconut oil in my hair, it looks great. I use it all over my body and I simply feel terrific. I have told tons of people about this site and will continue to do so.

Lots of Love, Ari
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David (Brooklyn, NY) on 03/18/2009:
5 out of 5 stars

We can hardly praise your efforts enough. Came to EarthClinic for natural approaches to abcess, and have come away with so much useful information.

Again and again, you are applaused for promoting natural answers in the manner you have.

Used a generous tablespoon of raw virgin coconut oil the first time, then an hour later used extra-virgin olive oil. Four OPs so far since last night, with at least eighty percent reduction in pain, fifty to sixty percent reduction in swelling. I confess I've slipped a few drops of clove oil onto the gum area, which virtually erases the pain, but only for a half-hour or so. The oil-pulling is so surprising. Fast, simple, inexpensive.

Bless every one of you a million times. Looking forwarding to incorporating links to your site into my many sites. So MANY great stories. Thanks to you all.

Amy (Austin, TX) on 03/07/2009:
5 out of 5 stars

Fantastic Oil Pulling Results in Just One Week!

I have been oil pulling with both organic cold pressed sesame oil and organic cold pressed coconut oil.

First thing I noticed was how white my teeth became after about the 3rd or 4th pull. Yesterday I became extremely tired and took a 3 hour nap. I slept extremely hard and woke up very refreshed. I felt like I could breath better. Like there was more room in my chest to breathe. I also noticed last night that my nasal passages shrunk. They opened up, like they had been swollen all along and I hadn't noticed.

But what is really weird is what happened when I went running today. I sweat profusely. I mean I sweat like I did when I was a kid. I was dripping. Even my legs where sweating. Another thing I noticed was that my hair was greasy by the end of the day yesterday and my skin is softer. When I was a kid (am 36 now) my hair would be kind of greasy by the end of the day. But as an adult I have had very dry hair and skin. Also my heels have been cracked and nasty for a long time. Today I noticed that there is a completely different texture to my heels. They are getting soft! It's incredible! I feel like oil pulling unlocked something. Maybe some glands or lymph nodes have been blocked or something. Who knows, but I feel great! Am going to keep doing this!

Oh, and I notice that the coconut oil makes me salivate much more than the sesame. Can't imagine why though. For some reason I am drawn to the coconut more.


Anne (Los Angeles, CA) on 02/24/2009:
5 out of 5 stars

I've been pulling about two months, using various oils but most frequently coconut and sesame. The main benefit I've noticed is that my teeth feel wonderful! The first time I pulled I noticed my teeth felt as if they had been individually polished! It was delightful! The first few days of OPing I kept running my tongue over my teeth just to enjoy the sensation!

Now I'm accustomed to the polished feeling but it's still great!

The first two weeks of OPing I tried several different oils and noticed each had different effects on me. Unfortunately, they don't have those effects any more but I'll list them here in case anyone else has the same reaction.

Sesame seed (cold-pressed): this oil made my teeth the "happiest" and smoothest.

Coconut oil (extra virgin, cold-pressed): I felt resonance with this oil. It was as if my personal vibration and the vibration of the oil were the same. Using that oil just felt correct for me. I know that sounds ridiculous but there it is, I cannot explain it better than that. Also, the coconut oil did not make my teeth as polished-feeling as the sesame.

Flax seed (cold-pressed): I loved this one. After pulling I felt very, very calm and peaceful. It was like taking a dose of Zen.

Olive oil (EVO): this gave me a mood boost. After pulling I felt joyous and buoyant.

For the last two weeks I've been exclusively using coconut oil. I'm going to switch next week and see if the olive oil still gives me an emotional boost.

Good luck to you oil pullers!
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