Oil Pulling for Multiple Oils Tried

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Cyngi (Philadelphia, Pa) on 10/21/2010:
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I have been oil pulling for a week today day #1pain in my head was gone. I feel like I am coming down with the flu , runny eyes /lots of mucus/pain in my shoulder/heel I think I will go back to using sesame oil maybe coconut oil is not good for me , let me know if these symtoms are part of a healing process.

Nicole (New Jersey) on 06/25/2010:
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This really works - sunflower and sesame oils tried!

I found this site just a week ago after coming home from the dentist extremely frustrated (on top of having a 1/2 numb face for the next two hours). Over the last few months I've been drawn to natural cures actually for my spouse, not myself, to help cure her polymyositis and fibromyalgia (off topic, but magnet therapy is helping). Anyway, after that trip to the dentist I said, "there HAS to be a better way!" Briefly, I'll state my history as having struggled with gum disease for at least the last ten years. It has gotten much worse in the last year. Unfortunately, I had an accident last fall that further irritated two of my teeth that were already slightly loose. When I went to the dentist last Thursday to see what could be done I was really upset that 1) my insurance wouldn't cover a deep cleaning because I'd had one within the last three years 2) I needed to get that cleaning (I agreed) to help keep my teeth clean and 3) that it would cost me ~$500 for just ONE side of my mouth ~ and the total would have been ~$1,600 out of pocket (includes injecting antibiotics directly into eight teeth/gum areas at ~$40/tooth)! Because I thought I *needed it,* I bit the bullet and got one side done but when I got home I was determined to find another way. It was too much discomfort and I didn't want to pay for it if I didn't have to. That's when I stumbled upon oil pulling. I thought it sounded absolutely too good to be true but with all of the testimonials and the fact that it had very little risk why not try it? Well, last Friday morning, 6/18/2010, I started with Sunflower oil. I lasted about 12 minutes. I thought it taste rather bland so I switched to organic, virgin sesame oil the next day and have been using that up until today, Friday, 6/24/2010. My results are as follows:

1-After day one I immediately noticed that my teeth became a little whiter
2-After day two I became really congested and had to blow my nose a LOT. I also had a couple of pimples pop up, which have since cleared. I think the sunflower was better for whitening quickly.
3-After day three I noticed that I was sleeping a lot deeper and had a ton of energy during the day
4-As of last night I noticed that both of my loose teeth are secured. I would say that one is 95% while the other is trailing at 90%!
5-My skin seems a little clearer.

I am ASTOUNDED by these results as I'm 29 years old and was worried to death about losing them. My own sibling who is a dentist in another state told me that something drastic needed to be done or I would lose them. :( Also, a dentist that I was going to every three months up until earlier this year (I've recently relocated) wanted to do a LASER procedure to penetrate the gums and fix the problem. I'm SO glad I didn't do that! The only reason I didn't do it is because the timing was bad with me preparing to relocate and that procedure would have also been ~$1,600 out of pocket. (My sister did tell me not to do laser because it was too invasive and not necessary).

At any rate, that's my report after a full seven days. I'm grateful to not lose my appetite like some others here because I'm underweight and am consuming a lot in order try and gain 10 pounds. That is another journey in itself, but it's coming along now that I'm tracking my caloric intake. OP has made junk food less appealing, which is a good thing. My process is to brush and floss as usual, OP for 5-10 minutes, spit, rinse, brush with water and baking soda and rinse one more time. It sounds like a lot but it's not that bad. Fifteen minutes go by quickly if you just fill it by checking your email. Besides, 15 minutes a day to save thousands of dollars and unnecessary pain is worth it! Oh, I also cut down on sodas tremendously over the last week. I had about three rather than one a day. I drank mostly water - had no desire for soda.

I'm so excited about this I want to tell my family and friends but I'm going to wait until 30 days go by. I know they're going to be skeptical, especially the dentist, but if she can get a hold of my dental records then there will be proof! My wife has now decided to try it. Yesterday was her first day and not more than ten minutes after doing it she felt "different" and had to release phlegm. This morning she woke up with me at 5:00 as chipper as ever, very energetic without the aid of coffee, an energy drink or Adderall. We're both amazed. I do worry that her healing process may be unbearable as she's been struggling with chronic illnesses for at least eight years, but it would worth it if she no longer had to deal with them or prescription drugs with horrific side effects.

Sorry, this post is a lot longer than I intended it to be.

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Jim (Charlotte , Nc) on 05/16/2010:
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my oil pulling regimine

I use both olive oil and coconut oil togather.(1 tsp ea). This seems to be very effective.My swish time varies from 10 to 20 min. depending on my tolerence for a stong herx, that day. It is clearing up a 4 year problem with leg edema/eczema



Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 04/19/2010:
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Hi, I have started oil pulling again after some problems with a filling in my tooth. First with sunflower oil and now with walnut oil as someone here had had great results with eye floaters. The floaters haven't disappeared (well, I have done it only three days), but I notice that I see a lot less with my contact lenses and that really worries me. Now I read your comment..... can oil pulling affect the eye sight? I thought that it would affect it in a positive way..... Maybe I will stop for a few days and see because I don't want my eyes which are rather weak to get any worse! I never had any problems while I did it with sunflower oil.....

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V.srikanth (Bangalore, Karnataka-india) on 04/19/2010:
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Better But With Side Effects

I started oil pulling almost two months back.The following advantages are seen.

1)No bad or sour from the mouth
2)Sleeping habits has improved
3)Frequent urination stopped during night times

Following disadvantage is seen
My eye sight has become dull
We use multiple oils for oil pulling

Eveline (Toronto, Canada) on 02/14/2010:
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I have been oil pulling for about a year now, switching oils between sunflower, olive, grapeseed. Sometimes it's only about which oil is at a better price. I was quite dismayed to see my dentist this week to find I have an infection in the gum around one tooth. There is a gapping there larger than they like and she said there is some pus in there. She also said that I have less plaque than most people. I would hope that is from using my special toothbrush that I bought last year that is supposed to zap the plague . But this infection thing has me really bothered. I would think that with my religious o/ping there shouldn't even be a remote possibility of this happening. I have been following another famous health practitioners advice and spitting the oil every 4 mins. He feels that keeping the oil in longer will allow the toxins to reabsorb. But reading all the testimonials here and seeing that most everyone pulls with the same Tbs. of oil for 15 - 20 mins. I think I might change that practice. Having been out of work now for 3 months anything that will help save money is a bonus. Using 3 - 4 Tbs. a day makes a bottle of oil go rather quickly.

On an unrelated note, I have been working with a Naturopath to deal with stagnant blood in my system. Not with much success yet but it's been hard to see the Naturopath consistently lately. There are indications on my tongue of liver stagnation. I desperately want to clear that up and since having a very stressful two months moving my aging parents into a seniors home I have had a relapse with very bad pain in both knees (seems to happen whenever I work too hard lifting and schlepping boxes as in a move). They hurt standing from sitting, going down stairs, and when I walk it just feels like the knees are not connected properly and are wobbling all over the place, like a broken marionette. Long walks make it worse. I have tried castor oil packs, take D, E, Omega 3's, ACV, bentoninte clay, drink a green drink every morning with aloe juice, eat lots of raw. I have a suspicion I need to get back off wheat products. I was doing really well on an alkaline diet before Christmas and avoiding wheat but since Christmas have been off the regime there.

Mostly I would wish to have the success many people write about. They oil pull for some weeks and now everything seems cured. As I said, I was shocked and dismayed to find this infection in my mouth. I told the dentist I would work on this and see her again in 3 months. They, of course, wanted to do costly laser repair including freezing etc. I like to have as few "procedures" as possible. But about 2 years ago I lost a back tooth to infection. The dentist was amazed that I wasn't sick from how bad it was when she went in there to extract it. So I was happy to have that out and thought I was on my way to full health. Now another area has got an infection. I just don't get it.

Thanks for any helpful hints. I love this website and have recommended it to many people.


Mike (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) on 01/05/2010:
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Cure for the dentist!

I've been oil pulling off and on for over a year with sesame/sunflower oil. Extreme tooth sensitivity (hot, cold, and warm) completely gone, toothaches from 1 troublesome tooth completely gone, teeth ridiculously clean smooth (stains tartar are gone). I dont think im ever going to the dentist again! I use in combination with a few drops of oil of oregano as i no longer use toothpaste (tried every brand/type of toothpaste, they all aggravated sensitivity and toothache and don't do squat for healthy teeth (in my opinion)).

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Mae (Cape Neddick, Maine) on 01/04/2010:
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One week in...

I discovered OP while researching a natural remedy for sinus infection. I started with olive oil, three days later switched to sesame oil, then to VCO. While the sinus infection is in control, it is not by any means cured. I have also been using ACV in warm water with honey twice a day and neti pot 3 times a day. I wish I could say I have had the results some of you have had in eliminating tons of mucus. I will stick with it though.

My question is: I have read many blogs over the past week and don't see that anyone is talking about blending oils. I am thinking about mixing sesame with coconut. Is there any reason why I shouldn't?

EC: A few people have mentioned adding a drop of clove or wild oregano to their Sesame, Olive, Coconut, etc. oil.


Leah (Nyc, Nyc) on 09/13/2009:
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I started getting heart palpitations every day for the last month or two. They are very scary. I was told to cough hard to get the heart back in rhythm. That worked for a second or two. I then took Black Strap Molasses (1 teaspoon) and a 1/2 hour later I drank water with 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar. That combo usually stops the palpitations for 1/2 a day.

HOWEVER, I started OP (Oil Pulling) every morning on an empty stomach (1 teaspoon of either virgin olive oil or 1 teaspoon of sunflower oil) and since I've started, I've had no palpitations at all! It's amazing!

If you want to try this, please read up on it (on this website) first.


Stephen (London, UK) on 11/16/2009:
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I am really confused, i have been oil pulling for almost 10 months now, once a day i morning mostly sunflower and recently a few with olive oil. About 5 months ago every time i spat out, i did one big cough and bought up phlegm, directly after spitting one big cough. Then about two months ago the cough developed to an hour, once after spittiong out, then later in the day for an hour. That has since got more regular, not worst, but just coughing a lot up.

Also shortly since starting op, i've got some swellings on neck under jaw, no pain just slight swelling.

I am a smoker (been smoking packet a day for 30 yrs), but i'd never been a cougher till recently. i went to the dr. with my 2 months coughing, quick chest examination they said probably a virus. Seemed nothing wrong with lungs. I think it is the op'ing bringing up and clearing my mucus. is that possible.?

I also daily have a salad dressing which has ACV and Turmeric and Cayenne.

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