Oil Pulling for Instructions and Theories

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David W. (Near Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) on 09/14/2021:
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Check out Dr. Andreas Moritz's site. He recommends only a couple of minutes of OP. Longer recontaminates your blood system as the toxins that are pulled from around the gums will be absorbed into your blood system. Repeating the OP process an additional 1-2 times for just a couple of minutes is highly beneficial in reducing bacteria concentrations in the mouth. Also, Dr. Joseph Mercola has some insight into the benefits of OP. I have backed up this protocol by having swabbed my gums and checking a live culture Electron Microscope platelet and repeating the OP an extra couple of times show a benefit. This all depends on the health condition of your teeth and gums. I suspect that after a month of OP, your gums should be healthier and one OP per day would be enough. Just before going to bed seems to work the best for me. I was amazed at how much bacteria was present in my mouth, and researching how dangerous these are and the health disorders that they cause. Keeping our mouth analytically clean is paramount in keeping our Gut healthy and reducing many health disorders.

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Pamela (Asheville) on 02/02/2020:
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I’ve read that it’s better to do a sequence of 5 minute oil pulling sessions totaling 20 minutes instead of a single 20 minute session. Reason being that doing shorter “pulls” and spitting avoids the potential re-absorption of toxins one might get from the long pulling session. Makes sense to me! This might solve any gagging problems!
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David (California, US) on 08/22/2014:
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Coconut oil melts at 76 degrees (F), so the solidified oil quickly liquifies inside mouth.

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