Iodine for Diarrhea

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Anna (Beijing, CN) on 12/13/2007:
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I am Bulgarian, living in China at present. As a child, whenever I had diarrhoea, my grandma would give me a few drops of iodine in half a glass of water to drink. It would halt the problem within hours. When my son was 10 months old, he had a severe diarrhoea and after trying a few medicines, the elderly doctor suggested the same remedy for him - 2 drops in some water. The next day he was healthy again. As a school administrator in Beijing I got almost sued by a Finnish mother for administering the remedy to her 8 year old daughter on a trip. There was a bus, full of kids, going to another city 5 hours away and, even though I knew in many countries it was forbidden to take iodine orally, I didn't have a choice. The bus didn't have to stop anywhere on the road and the girl was fine. I have talked with doctors about it and they said that if taken rarely, it's not doing harm. In Bulgaria generations have been treated in this way and I never travel (especially to another country) without my little black bottle. For chool children the dose is 4-5 drops in water and for adults - 5 to 8. Sometimes adults need to repeat on the next day, if the problem persists.
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