Honey for Multiple Cures

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Dee (Taft, Tennessee) on 03/13/2010:
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I was suffering from anemia, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, horrible acid reflux, fatigue, heart palpitations,( I would have to go to the ER about once a week for injections to convert my heart) anxiety and obesity. My body was in such an awful condition. My mouth was cracked on both sides to the point I could not get a spoon in my mouth. I had became so frustrated with going to the doctor, trying at all these medicines and still feeling horrible. I spent so much money but was only getting worse. I had went for a week without eating from pain in my stomach. Laying in a bed ridden state I began to pray about 3:30 one morning. I remember praying and saying that if God didn't help me I was going to die. I remember asking God to lead me to something that would help me. I got up, staggered to the computer and typed, how to build your blood quickly. I was due a blood transfusion. I was directed to Earth Clinic and the healing properties of honey. With my legs weak and shaking I went to the cabinet, found a little bottle filled with the sweet golden honey.. I took a dose as I prayed, Lord. please help me.

That was Saturday morning at about 3:45. Saturday I took about 3 doses of the golden liquid. I went to bed Saturday night... I slept 11 hours. I felt instant relief in my stomach. Sunday I ate glazed ham, potato salad and buttermilk pie! I went into the hospital for a transfusion... my blood had increased from a 7.1 to a 7.5 in 72 hours! I was so happy that I put the honey on the corners of my mouth....24 hours later... no cracks! I am a believer! Honey works. I take it daily and I've also lost 20 pounds in a month. I am able to eat full meals now without any abdominal pain. The anxiety is gone, I've not had any heart palpitations. I feel stronger and my mind seems clear. I've been a nurse for over 20 years and I did NOT support the use of herbs or home remedies...until I had ran out of hope. Since I started taking the golden miracle, many of my family, friends and church family now take honey as well. My restless leg syndrome has completely stopped and I rest so well. All my symptoms have stopped!! I encourage you to try this. It's inexpensive and it taste wonderful however, before starting any home remedy or natural herbal supplement ...CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR!! EARTH CLINIC, you are an answer to my prayer.. thanks for being here.*smiling

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Raquel (West Palm Beach, Florida) on 07/19/2009:
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Honey - Stomach Ulcer, cuts, hair rinse.

After spending 6 very stressful weeks in the Dominican Republic helping to care for my sick mother, a few weeks after being back home I began having a lot of indigestion and finally acute pain in my stomach. I didn't go to a doctor but did a "symptom search" and it pointed towards a stomach ulcer, I also asked two of my cousins who had had gastritis and one of them a diagnosed ulcer and their symptoms seemed to be the same as mine. Many years earlier I'd heard from my mother that honey had cured my godfather's ulcer so I did a search online and read about Manuka honey curing ulcers. Since I'd just brought some raw Dominican honey I figured it would be just as good and started eating about 1 oz. before each mail. The minute it started to go down I could feel my stomach relax and the pain begin to subside. At first I still had some pain after eating but much less than before; the next day I was even better and very soon (can't remember exactly how many days) I had NO more pain anymore.

When my son was born over 26 years ago there was no warning about honey so I gave it to him and, thankfully, he had no problems. I also dabbed it on his lip and later on my daughter's when they started walking (by then they were about 1 y.o.) but fell on a tiled floor and split their lip, it stopped the bleeding instantly and apparently the pain too because they stopped crying right away, the sweet taste was a bonus too! I myself, because of problems with blood clotting (before I started taking Vit. K) would bleed a lot from a tiny finger cut but honey would usually stop the bleeding fast.

One teaspoon diluted in a cup of warm water makes an excellent final hair rinse to give the hair a lot of shine; it can also be added to conditioners for extra moisture too.


Nichole (Stanton, Ca) on 12/07/2008:
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Honey Rocks!!

I came down with the flu one day while eating dinner, it hit me pretty fast. I had just started eating and felt very nauseous, within minutes I was feeling very warm and had a fever and my body began to ache all over. I went upstairs and laid down to try and sleep but I couldn't I just felt so awful... finally I asked my hubby to get me a biscuit and the jar of honey. I dipped the biscuit in the honey trying to get as much down as I could, probably a quarter cup. I laid down again and fell asleep, a few hours later my fever broke and I woke up at that point I felt fine, great even! So I was so excited about how fast the honey worked but of course I began to be doubtful, thinking maybe it was just a quick flu. Well a month and a half later my husband came down with a stomach flu he was nauseous and had the runs for a couple days, he didnt take any honey. Then I came down with it, again I felt horrible really quick so I went downstairs feeling faint and nauseous and grabbed the honey and some soup. I filled my mouth with as much honey as I could and swallowed, then ate my soup and again swallowed a big mouthful of honey. Within a few hours I was feeling great again! My husband was still sick! So now I know for sure it was the honey I took! Just so you know I took Sue Bee's Raw honey, I can get it here for only $5 for 2 pounds... I have become an advocate for all things natural and tell everyone about some remedies I've found on here and others I found at different sources on the net.

A couple other honey stories to share, I use honey on my daughters diaper rash and its gone sometimes by the next diaper change and others the next day! I also used it on myself after I gave birth for the tearing and it not only felt soothing but it did indeed help my tears to heal much faster.

My sisters friend Chante was in a very bad accident 6 months ago and had a severe injury to her foot. The did surgery on it but it wouldnt heal closed, so they did a skin graft and again it wouldnt close, in fact they did 4 skin grafts that wouldnt take. So for 6 months she's been going through this and I told my sister to tell her about Manuka honey, she did but Chante didnt want anything to do with it. Well after this last graft they told her if it didnt heal they would amputate!!!! So she finally conceded to try it. She put it on at 4pm and checked it at 8pm, already the skin was healing! She was so excited she applied a new bandage with more honey and checked it in the morning. Again it was looking even better! I cant tell you how amazing her foot looks now and its only been three days! I have pictures of before and after and after again and again, if anyone is interested email me and I will send you the pictures!

Go HONEY!!!!

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John W. (Deer Park, NY, USA) on 10/21/2008:
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Kim (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) on 10/18/2008:
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I would just like to add that I am overweight by about 20 pounds. I have never been an exercise person, nor a dieting person as I was always very slim and tiny. I was getting married in the middle of July this year, bought my wedding dress the last week of June. I was very busy planning the wedding, so I was eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich twice a day and large suppers with different desserts at night. (sampling alot of different things for our wedding supper). I went to try my dress on three days before my wedding and found that I lost 1.5 - 2 inches....I had a lace up back on the dress and had to pull the laces closed tight, and the dress was still a little loser then it was 2 weeks prior. I joked around and told everyone just to eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches! Of course I went back to eating whatever and whenever I want, and I am now overweight again. I have just started reading these articles due to a chest cold. I put a good tablespoon of honey in my coffee about 20 minutes ago, and I can breathe normal again,....WOW! I will be eating my peanut butter and honey sandwiches today and every other day until Christmas!

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London (Sandusky, Ohio) on 10/08/2008:
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Honey is Great. Yeah, Honey works. I make a tea of 1 tsp ginger, and a tbsp of raw honey. Works for illness, Colds, etc. Store bought Honey is not the same as Raw. Even though Raw is a little more expensive, it's worth it. Tastes better too.

Annette (Lambertville, Michigan) on 06/16/2008:
5 out of 5 stars

We have had remarkable healing with Manuka honey, It is effective for bites, boils, acid reflex ect It will draw the the infection right out. It is antibacterial and antiviral and will heal out wounds where nothing else will. Also effective on MRSA and other staph infections. Just put a light coat on a bandage and change every 24hrs. Also will dry up poison ivy. Plus it tastes great!
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CP (Huntington Beach, California, USA) on 04/22/2008:
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Manuka honey is an amazing remedy for M.R.S.A. wounds, as well as for diabetic skin ulcerations. It comes in several strengths, so contact customer service on websites to see which is best for you. It is a little pricey, but I think it is worth it. It's delicious and healthful when taken internally and is wonderful when applied externally to the face. I am taking one teaspoon of Manuka honey and 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon each morning and evening. It has lowered my blood pressure from 156 to 125 in a very short period of time. It also improves my sleep! I love this website and it makes me happy to give back for all the help I've received. Good luck to all.
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Winnie (Washington, DC) on 04/03/2008:
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Thank you earth clinic. we're all in this together. I spend lots of time reading about remedies and testimonies, the yes and the nays, its all good. I am pleased to read the nays that come from people who understand that even though the product didn't work for them, doens't mean the other testimonies are fake, just as we all are individuals, we get different responses. it's all good, learn from it and ask your higher power to send you what works. that's what i did; I have been trying lots of things, every time I read a testimony, I run out and buy the stuff and start using, and a week later, I decide, this thing is not working, and sometimes get angry because I have a cabinet full of ingredients I don't want to use anymore; then I started reading the testimonies from my heart, and listening to how I really feel about a product.

What happened is that ideas started coming to me, and one of them is honey, I decided to try honey on my acne face, I had half a jar of manuka honey at home so I started using it along with baking soda and lemon juice, and imediately I could see a glow. I also had pain in my gum, and have been using OP with some results, but still had soreness with brushing, then today I DECIDED TO USE THE HONEY in place of oil, put a tsp in mouth for about 5 to 10 minutes, then spit it out and brush, wow! no pain or soreness, I also had a bump on my face, i put a dab of honey and went to bed, this money bump gone. I took the honey jar and spoke into it, thanking all the bees that gave me this wonderful product, I thanked the farmers, the store keepers and last but not least this wonderful site, earthclinic. thank you for taking us back to earth, now i know everything works, at the right time with the right attitude. Love always.

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Michelle (West Palm Beach, Florida) on 03/05/2008:
5 out of 5 stars

Preferably organic, Raw Honey (unprocessed) helps get your energy back, kills germs of all types, halts diarrhea and intestinal cramps, (including firming stools) helps coughs and lung congestion and aids in the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria. It is a good source of B vitamins and minerals containing potassium, calcium and magnesium. It is quite literally the "perfect food" and can sustain life all on its own! It does not take any energy to digest it because it is predigested form from the bees. They do all the work, we reap all the benefits!

My eight-year-old got the flu, I gave him Raw Honey, 1 heaping teaspoon as soon as he finished vomiting, then nothing for three hours, unless they want more honey. He vomited twice total, and was completely well in a matter of hours! My husband got it, would not eat the honey, has been vomiting for two days STRAIGHT, can't keep food down! Then my four-year-old started vomiting. I gave him 1 tsp. honey, he stopped vomiting and ate honey about 1 tsp every two hours. He felt so much better in four hours, he (against my warning) ate Goldfish crackers and drank a Capri Sun! He vomited one more time and then by dinner, was completely well and ate a light dinner!! Amazing! So, now it's Tuesday, my ten-year-old gets it. Fever, body aches, headache, nausea! Wow, of course, I get the RAW HONEY, I give her a nice big tsp., she mixes it with water (she hates honey but has learned her lesson) I keep her home from school and send her to bed with a fever and no medicine. My husband calls, he is leaving work sick because he can't stop vomiting! Third day, he is in bed all day, eats nothing, and feels terrible. He comes home and sees our daughter, all better in a matter of two hours! (I think we caught it early enough, she is at school celebrating her Birthday!) He eats the honey! Today he is back to work, amazed at the benefits of the honey. You will be too. Special note: My six-year-old (who has autism) and I take the most supplements, eat mostly organic, don't drink soda, etc. we are the only ones in the family who didn't get this FLU!

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