Honey for Immunity

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Michelle (Portland, US) on 03/20/2008:
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...I have been eating raw organic honey and honeycomb which I swallow. I often swallow a couple of tablespoon fulls of organic molassas. Usually, I stay pretty healthy. When stressed or feel a cold coming on, I usually realize that I have forgotten one of the 3 above mentions items in my diet. I eat the honey straight from the jar or in Raspberry leaf tea or African Roobis.

The more raw food that I have in my diet the better. I am a pre-naturopathic med student and have learned non of this in school, just in books written by doctors. I look forward to helping others find nature's remedies that God has given us. Look in the Bible for honey, vinegar, pomegranate, almonds... When head fills with mucous, it often happens after eating non-whole grain breads and cheese, such as a non-health food pizza. I get sore throats a few times a year... I gargle with cider vinegar diluted with bottled spring water.

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Dina (Hot Springs, AR) on 03/10/2008:
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I am a single mother and full-time college student. I don't have time for my 2-year-old daughter to get sick so: first thing every morning, instead of juice, I give her honey water in her sippy cup. We use the good, unfiltered honey. Though kids have gotten sick at her daycare, my daughter has remained healthy. I don't have time to get sick either, so I drink Apple Cider Vinegar three times a day and sweeten it with the same type of honey.
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Peter (Paris, France) on 06/13/2007:
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I have been under treatment for years for Herpes Whitlow on my right hand, which occasionally manifests itself on my pallette and genitals. I have always tested negative for herpes 2, and assumed my outbreaks are weird manifestations. Doctors here have never seen this combination of symptoms. They were debilitating until I started self imumnizing my cat and pollen allergies with daily dose of different honeys, and cutting out practically all refined sugars in my diet. Whereas I would have an outbreak every twelve months on a maintenance dose of 500mg of Zelitrex daily (quadrupled during outbreaks) the last two outbreaks have been restricted to my finger and palette - a great improvement over previous ones. I feel the honey is helping my immune system suppress the virus, perhaps by keeping my immune system on alert all the time. I hvae upped my daily dosage of Zeleitrex to 15 mg, and would appreciate any comments from others who have found Honey a satisfactory paliative.
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