Honey for Eyes

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Vitaminshelpme (Ca, US) on 11/08/2014:
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If you research raw honey, it definitely improves your eyesight. You can drip it in your eyes...stings for a moment and then they feel great. Gets rid of conjunctivitis, too...or put a drop or two in the corner of your eye as a salve. It works.
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Em (Southampton, Hampshire England ) on 10/09/2012:
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I got glass in my eye whilst on holiday a few years ago and wasn't treated correctly by the doctors. By the time I got home around 36 hours later I couldn't see anything out of the affected eye, I had a major infection, high pressure in the eyeball and had developed a cataract... The doctors told me I was very unlikely to see out of the eye again and that it was very possible that I would lose the eyeball altogether.

I had 3 lots of various surgery and was on eye drops, steroids and antibiotics but still told that it wasn't great. Anyway just before one of my surgeries the anaesthetist insisted that I ask someone to go to the shops and buy me as much honey with royal jelly that they could get their hands on and eat as much of it a day as I could (on toast, in water etc). I did as he said as I had nothing to lose and some days even just squirted the honey straight into my mouth! I continued with the routine for a good few months.

Now over 3 years later my eyeball looks normal and with a strong prescription contact lens (as my lens was removed) I can see almost exactly as I did before!!

I'm not saying it was all down to the honey but if I had to go through the whole thing again I would certainly do exactly the same!

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Mona (Norfolk, Nebraska) on 04/27/2008:
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I'm passing this on from someone else who told me about it a month or so ago. Honey will take the redness out of your eyes and also return the whiteness to the whites of your eyes. If you put one drop of pasturized honey ( like Sue Bee honey) in your eye right before you go to sleep, in about two weeks the redness will be gone and the whites of your eyes will be nice and white. The honey burns for a minute so get ready but this really works. It is an old Indian remedy that has been used for centuries and will work for cataracts as well.
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