Goat Milk for Multiple Cures

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Darlene (Kewaskum, Wisconsin, Usa) on 01/29/2011:
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We've raised dairy goats on a small scale for 33 years and all our nine children were raised on it. I attribute their dentist-verified strong straight teeth to the goat milk they drank as children.

Goat milk has small molecules, thus making it more easily digestible than cow milk. It is the closest nutritional alternative to mother's milk, if breastfeeding is not possible. Goat milk contains naturally occuring acidophilus (the good stuff in yogurt), which is greatly beneficial to a healthy digestive environment.

I know children plagued by continual ear infections who are free from those afflictions if they consistently consume goat milk. A woman who had received a diagnosis of osteoporosis successfully reversed the condition with two years of raw goat milk kefir added to her diet.

rnOften, people who think they are lactose intolerant really are cow milk intolerant or can't consume the emulsifiers used in cow milk products. My adult brother couldn't tolerate pasteurized homogenized cow milk, but raw cow milk was fine. One of our children tested intolerant of goat milk. After three chiropractic treatments to desensitize her, she could again consume goat milk.

Raw goat milk tastes much like raw cow milk, but with more body. Keeping goat milk cold prevents it from developing a strong flavor.
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Tan Koon Peng (Singapore) on 06/22/2008:
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Goat`s milk is definitely one of the most nutritional milk around. Goat`s milk have been used for centuries. Goat`s milk may help people who suffer from ulcers, tuberculosis, arthritis, rickets ,irritable bowels syndrome, nervousness, anorexia, hay fever and allergies and weak limbs! lt increases longevity and improve our immune system to prevent and fight disease. Goat`s milk is also a great treatment for leukemia patients. Goat`s milk is alkaline compared to cow`s milk, which is acidic and harmful to health.

Goat`s milk is also effective for cases of exessive white blood cells where the patients suffer from frequently fever. Drink goat`s milk daily and you will be cured.This formula is from a monk. Children who are suffering from weak limbs and are unable to walk should try goat`s milk. Goat`s milk has strengthened one boy`s weak limbs and enable him to walk freely for the first time. Goat`s milk is truly an incredible milk. All are welcome to try this wonderful milk.

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