Epsom Salt for Warts

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Don (Chillicothe, Ohio) on 12/29/2007:
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I soaked my feet in epsom salts to relieve the pain of a broken toe. to my surprise the warts I had on my lower legs for years fell off as I toweled my foot dry. what pleasant surprise.
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Dustin (Muskegon, Michigan) on 04/24/2007:
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I have had quite a few warts throughout my life and have undergone the carious methods of removing them (freezing at the doctor's office, freezing at home, the acid drops, the acid band aids etc..) I have even gone to the extent of taking a wood burner and frying off one that was stubborn, but I finally got one that would not sucomb to any of these methods. I met a kid at a car detailing joint in Florida that told me Epsom salt cured all his warts so i figured I would give it a try. By this time this wart had gotten significantly bigger. It was now the size of a dime on the inside palm of my right hand. It was painful to do anything because it would split open and crack. heres the method I used. I bought a pint of Epsom salt which is very cheap and a paper nail file and a water dropper. I filed off all the dead skin so I could get to the seeds of the wart (just where it started to get sensitive and bleed a little bit) I would then take some of the epsom salt crystals and lay them on the wart. Take some warm water and use the dropper to apply to the salt crystals. The crystals dilute in the water and soak into the wart. After I let it soak for a few minutes I would clean up and leave a few crystals on the wart with a band aid over them to hold them in place. After only a few days doing this once a day I noticed it turning black like a scab sortof. Then I quit treatment shortly after that and it healed up perfectly no scar like the one I fried off with the wood burner and worked so quickly and cheaply. I thought about marketing this solution but after finding this site I figure it is good for people to know. As for the person with them on the bottom of their feet, perhaps you can sand the tops down and soak your feet in warm water with epsom salt diluted in it. Worth a shot. Good luck.
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