Prevent Cerebral Palsy In Babies for Epsom Salt

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Dayle (MA) on 11/21/2021
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It could very well prevent cerebral palsy. Magnesium relaxes the body. If the mother is relaxed the birth will be easier. Cerebral palsy, if I understand correctly, can be caused by a lack of oxygen during an arduous trip through the birth canal and a lack of oxygen during that trip. A relaxed mother will be less likely to suffer a lengthy birth process, thereby lessening the occurrence of a lack of oxygen to the baby.
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Tom (Waltham, MA) on 01/31/2008
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I saw an article online today about how Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) was used to prevent Cerebral Palsy in babies. Just google "epsom salt" and "Cerebral Palsy" if you are interested to read some of the articles about this. Very interesting. Keep up the GREAT work. I LOVE this site! -Tom