Constipation for Enemas And Colonics

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Beth A (Usa) on 01/25/2022
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Thanks for posting Lj.

my mom or aunt (who was a nurse) gave us the enema. When sick in bed, constipated, had a fever, and for other ills an enema was given.

It seemed at the time to be their cure all remedy LOL

Surprised she gave you a warm coffee enema. But, glad it was a good remedy.

I was told not to give the child a coffee enema.

Yes getting an enema worked!

Being the oldest, by 7 years to my siblings and cousins, I remember the enema given often.

Don?t remember getting a coff enema; but, remember getting a mild warm soapy water enema.
Given with the rubber bulb syringe. This was in the late 50s and early 60s.

The warm mild soapy enema was a common home remedy given then.

The solution was made in the kitchen sink by swishing a bar of ivory soap in a large bowl or pan. Making mild soapy water.
Almost always the enema was given on the kitchen table on a towel.

Or for the younger one on the changing table or across the lap way.

Seeing the syringe sitting on the kitchen table, towel on the table and my aunt, or mom, making the solution in the kitchen sink I knew an enema was going to be given.

The one who was going to get it was brought to the table.

it was no big deal. Never remember fighting or resisting the enema.

Always after it was feeling better!

No never a mess and never painful.

I remember a few times my younger toddler cousin getting an enema laying across the lap way.

Yes, the enema always worked.

I feel I am healthier today, more so than others my age, because of the home enema, proper eating, exercise, fresh air and plenty of water to drink.

The soapy enema is still given today but NOT using bar of ivory.

The solution today is made with Made For Enema Soap bar. Sold at

A neighbor mom told me she recently gave a warm enema.

Be careful giving prepared enemas! Especially the Fleet enema.

Do research on line, reading and with your doctor first!

Not medical advice. Always consult with your doctor, pediatrician, holistic doctor before giving any hone remedies.


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Lj (Fresno, Ca) on 04/01/2012
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Healthy elimination has been a part of my family for 4 generations. My grandmother gave us strong (warm, not hot) coffee enemas when we had flu and it worked. Recently my 87 yr old Mom got constipated and I gave her a mineral oil enema. They come pre-packaged for one use, or purchase a full bottle of mineral oil and use some of it in a regular enema bag. It goes in slowly and is retained in the body until you natually eliminate. There is no pain, and although it may take a few hours or even a day, it doesn't cause any discomfort.

A regular, warm water enema is my first choice, and NEVER use the pre-packaged enemas with all of the other ingredients. If I travel, I will take one of those individual enema containers, empty it, and put it in the suitcase, and then use purified water if I need to fill it and use it in my long travels.