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Fleet Enema Warning

Mark Simon (California) on 05/29/2021
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In reply to Pondera (Juneau, Ak) on 04/11/2010 who used a Fleet enema in the eczema section under Apple Fasting here:


The chemicals in the enema can be dangerous. I used one once and it causes me to cramp and strain so bad I could not stop and ended up passing blood to the point I went to the hospital. Of course they misdiagnosed me in spite of me telling them what caused it and sent me home with a bunch of toxic drugs. One of which was Cipro (which no one should ever take if there is any other option as it has been known to cause tendons to snap). 2 years later 1 tendon snapped and one tore and now I have an ugly looking bicep, the required surgery to fix, however due to my negative experience with Doctors I passed on the surgery.

It could have all been avoided if I had not used a fleet Enema!

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Coffee, Sea Salt, Charcoal Enemas

Cam (Oklahoma City) on 04/04/2018
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I was hesistant to try when I read the dangers but I had to wonder if people who got sick were not using common sense. And when I read customer results I was curious to see mine. So I used a fleet enema bottle, 1 1/2 tablespoons of brewed coffee, 1/4 tablespoon sea salt, 4.5 oz of charcoal filtered tap water lukewarm and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. After a squirt I had a strong urge to poop. Funny thing is I pooped an hour ago and thought I was done. So I pooped more. And then I finished the remaining 4 oz. I waited 15 minutes since I have never done a coffee enema. I released mostly the solution. Started with other activities and then had tons of more poop.

It wasn't fun, I feel gross talking about poop. But the fact is a colon that empties all the way is going to be healthier than a slow system where stuff sits for days. And our digestive system is tied into our overall health in so many ways. I heard the enema can throw electrolytes off so I am having a glass of vegetable juice.

After my experience I have decided to embrace this experience two times a week to ensure my system won't be stagnant and will empty properly.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Enemas

Mackenzie86 (Ca) on 03/11/2018
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Hi everyone, thank you in advance for reading this. I'm not sure where else to post this kind of a question.

Four nights ago I did an ACV (apple cider vinegar) enema (2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 6 cups of water). I retained it for 15 minutes and then I expelled a ton of mucus and a lot of white floating tissue paper type particles. I've been dealing with a significant amount of chronic health issues for the last eight months and yeast overgrowth, constipation, and malabsorption have been some of the issues (among several others). I've done enemas in the past with great results although I would usually use bladderwrack. This was my first time with ACV.

My bowel movements have been regular since the enema I did on Thursday, although I've been experiencing severe bloating, cramps and gas down in my colon area. And every time I eat something, my stomach feels very upset. I obviously irritated my colon, and no, I will never do this again.

Has anyone else had a similar experience to this and if so, what did you do to help get your colon feeling back to normal?

I'm worried and I know if I call my doctor and explain this I am just going to get a lecture about it. I learned my lesson. Just looking for advice.

Thank you very much!

On the Subject of Coffee Enemas

Tassi (Berkeley, Ca) on 07/29/2016

Just want to comment on coffee enemas after reading all the old posts (which seem to go off on other subjects a lot). I recently ordered a silicone enema bag and started a course of one enema session per day (plus veg. juicing in a masticating Champion-type juicer) and after 3 weeks it seems to have helped my situation quite a lot. What I want to say here now is that I started out with dark (regular roast) organic ?enema coffee? that I ordered online, but after I used up most of that first pound, I wanted to try the lightly roasted kind and switched to a very light roast (Ultra Light Gold) organic, which looks like the color of roasted peanuts or light brown sugar. I subsequently realized that the dark roast had been much harsher (it spasmed my colon and required a faster evacuation and I was left kind of exhausted by the experience ? after a bit of a "coffee high" for a couple of hours), but the light roast seems better in all ways. It feels like a nourishing experience, sometimes I forget I need to evacuate it at all, and I am much less exhausted in the aftermath. The light-roast enema coffee is supposed to have a lot more palmitic acid (good) and be free of negative results of dark-roasting. Because the lightly roasted beans are relatively tough and resistant to grinding, it is better to buy them already ground (according to the sawilson site which also says testing shows that these beans do not lose much if anything by being pre-ground) rather than trying to grind them yourself. For some good information, go to Youtube.com and search for ?Dr. Patrick Vickers? and ?Chris Wark? doing a good interview together. Also I thought this 1956 speech by Dr. Max Gerson was interesting: http://doctoryourself.com/gersonspeech.html

Coffee Enema

Berte (Los Angeles) on 11/09/2015
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I used coffee enemas after being exposed to severe chemicals from a new sofa. The outgassing was so strong I was sent into toxic shock and my entire nervous system and immune system went haywire. I was diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis. My friend told me about coffee enemas, and I did 1 a day. After 7 days I was 80% better! And completely cured after 3 weeks. I juiced a lot as well. I have found a great glass enema bucket to use, since I have allergies. I recommend Gerson Therapy for anyone needing detoxification of the liver and blood.
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Coffee Enema Expelled Rope Worm

Clare (Arizona) on 08/12/2015

Help!!!! I just started doing coffee enemas and today I expelled a rope worm! I am horrified. Does anyone know of a natural remedy that will KILL these??

Coffee Enema Question

Cl503 (Oregon) on 05/12/2015

Hi EC community. I have used this site for years and love it!

I have been doing coffee enemas for just about a year now. Sorry for being so gross, but I am always fascinated by what comes out of me. Anyway, one might think that after over a year of application (at least 1 a week) that I would have a decrease visible candida and whatnot. I am wondering though, I still see a lot of I guess "mucous" but is that stuff meant to stay/good for my intestines?.. allowing natural bowel movements to come easier?/ Act as a vehicle for removing stuff?

Let me know your experiences and thoughts please!


Detoxing with Enemas and Colon Implants

Robrt Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 03/20/2015

HI U GOD FEARING FOLKS DOIN, , , , , , , , ,

Got a wild hair up my ass. Dean Martin (Timh) has probably done this, but I (Jerry Lewis) have not. And that is to bypass your digestive system and implant good stuff into your colon that will not have to travel through your digestive system and be diminished along the way.

The only thing I have done is Coffee enemas and the world knows that works. I take oral probotics, but a recent test showed that I have very little good flora in my gut. You can do anal wheat grass as I'm a great gardner. I can insert my probotic in my rear. All this good stuff will not work if your bowels are lined with plaque that you have accumulated over a lifetime. You will have to clean that out first. That is a long chore in itself. Go to Holistic Horizions and buy Dr. Grey's book. It works.

Earth Clinic is a great site but the short coming here is what Hulda Clark expressed in all her books. You have to cleanse first. None of our great posters tell you that because it is hard and time consuming. Buy her book and do what she says. Then attack your health problem and you will find that it is a piece of cake.

I have totally run out of spit.


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Coffee Enema for General Health

Ilovelife (Sacramento, California) on 12/12/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I cannot recommend coffee enemas enough- I've experienced that they work absolute miracles.

The first time I did a Coffeee Enema (C.E.), I was desperate. I was recently hospitalized with horrific, idiopathic lymphatic swelling. The condition was terribly painful. I had heard a friend mention the Gerson therapy in passing one day, and the use of coffee enemas. So after being discharged, I tried my usual remedies and didn't have any results. Then I thought to try the C.E.. I looked up instructions, got the supplies, first did a filtered water enema, then did the C.E.. After a C.E. I clean the bathroom and take a shower. So after my shower I noticed my swelling went down about 70%. I must also say, what expels from the body with a C.E. is far more substantial and disgusting (and strangely fascinating) than what expels with regular water.

I also get soreness, pain, and swelling in my legs from arthritis, and the C.E. will take all the swelling and pain away immediately.

Actually, it clears out any pain I have in my body. It's as though I can feel my body flushing out the lymph and inflammation. While holding the CE in, I can feel a light cramp form over any areas of pain/swelling I have. Then when I expel, the cramp turns into kind of a "rush" feeling, and all the pain leaves.

Any lymph swelling I experience goes down, my skin clears of any eczema and acne, I feel far more alert (days afterwards even), and I feel cleansed and lighter inside. I eat a very healthy diet with lots of raw fiber, but the enemas clear any bit of bloating (I didnt know my stomach could be so flat).

I'm so impressed by the results, I'm not ashamed to admit I do this. In fact, I spread the word to people I see suffering from serious chronic issues. I can totally see how the use of CE can successfully treat cancer.

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Re: Coffee Enema Question for Bill

Cindy (Usa) on 06/19/2014

Bill, will frequent use of coffee enemas deplete any nutrients from the body and can it aggravate candida? Your advice would be awesome. I hope to do enemas over the next few days or so to help detox my liver. Thanks

Multiple Cures with Coffee Enemas

Fiona (Tustin, Ca) on 10/14/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I had arthritis, acne, and ulcer. And all at the same time everything disappeared after I started coffee enema.

And I know arthritis, acne and ulcer are related. When you perform coffee enema, you can see slimy slippery thing float on top (when you have a cold you cough a lot of this slippery mucus) and this is the very toxin that our body try to get rid of.

This is fungus related disease. It can affect your digestive organ joints and glands.

And whenever I had food poisoning coffee enema does wonders. It never once disappointed me.

For some, coffee enema sounds like a lot of work. I use instant coffee. (pure coffee) So I just mix it with reverse osmosis water. And retention enema for 20 minutes.. (during this time you can watch tv or study. coffee enema is great for brain!! ) whenever I am slightly depressed or anxious I do this also and I always end up singing-meaning it had positive affect on my body, mood already.

I believe not one remedy works best all the time. In conjunction with herbs minerals and MMS, vitamins and coffee enema, I am so much better now.

I wish you all the same results.


Lj (Fresno, Ca) on 04/01/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Healthy elimination has been a part of my family for 4 generations. My grandmother gave us strong (warm, not hot) coffee enemas when we had flu and it worked. Recently my 87 yr old Mom got constipated and I gave her a mineral oil enema. They come pre-packaged for one use, or purchase a full bottle of mineral oil and use some of it in a regular enema bag. It goes in slowly and is retained in the body until you natually eliminate. There is no pain, and although it may take a few hours or even a day, it doesn't cause any discomfort.

A regular, warm water enema is my first choice, and NEVER use the pre-packaged enemas with all of the other ingredients. If I travel, I will take one of those individual enema containers, empty it, and put it in the suitcase, and then use purified water if I need to fill it and use it in my long travels.


Triphala Enema

Sanjay117 (Titwala, Maharashtra,india) on 07/26/2011

hi everybody!

in sanskrit colon cleansing or enima is called as BASTI, instead of using coffee try following decoction:

triphala is a common medicinal powder available in ayurvedic drug stores

in one liter of water add 100 gms of triphala powder one teaspoon sugar pinch of mineral salt

(this quant is for asians, for hefty people this can be doubled! )

boil this well, cool and filter with very fine mesh strainer

add 2 drops of glycerine

take enima of this solution in the afternoon (temp of the solution should preferably be slightly above room temp)

but first thing is not to eat HOT AND SPICY FOOD from a day before!

this enima works wonders and in ayurveda this is called as half or sometimes complete treatment!

your energy level will go high and food absorption will be better!

for the first time you repeat this treatment every week for four weeks and then only repeat once or twice a year!

it should not be taken on a regular basis. also after enima, revert slowly to eating, starting from liquid food first and then rolling over to regular food


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Feedback Needed on Coffee Enemas or Xeneplex

Melly (Columbia, Sc, Usa) on 07/24/2011

After too many trips to too many Doctors I am trying a more natural approach. I have fibromyalgia, post gallbladder surgery dumping syndrome, compromised immune system, recurrent headaches and sinus infections. I had an allergic reaction, that my gastro Dr. Says couldn't happen, to Ipamadol/Isoview iodine dye, that caused nerve damage in my feet and a goiter on my thyroid gland. I am in menopause and am having night sweats but have not been able to use anything that doesn't cause side efects.

The holostic nurse pract that I went to suggested to begin with coffee enemas, but I am hesitant. One cup of coffee makes my heart race. I can't afford to do anything that will keep me from going to work, I miss too many days as is.

Does anyone have experience with either the enema or the Xeneplex?

Thank you!