Diatomaceous Earth for Fibromyalgia

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Sabata (Spotsylvania ) on 08/15/2022:
5 out of 5 stars

You are not drinking enough DE for your body. I'll bet you haven't drunk DE long enough to see improvements or even enough DE.

Let me give you an example. Although I don't have fibro I suffer from body pain immensely without DE and Boron. Not sure what so have as I do not trust Dr's and haven't been to. Dr's in over 20 years. Nonetheless, I have to take at least 8-10 tablespoons of DE and waited for a few weeks and my pain was almost gone, about 90% of it. Then when I added boron and reaching to about 1 teaspoon daily the rest of my body pain was gone in literally a couple of days. After 8 months I noticed my hair was growing something I have been suffering from for r over 10 years, I almost went bald as a female 😞 but thank the Lord for DE my hair is now back to about 95% when I added boron my head started to itch the feeling of needles poking my head which is hair growing all at one time. I still have inflammation problems and know it will go away within time.

Everyone is different and requires large dosage to even start to address deficiencies in their bodies.

Now I know you have fibro and need to take a much larger dosage to even begin to feel a relief. You haven't given DE enough time and or taking enough of it to address you body issues. So you give up 😞 I would rethink what you are doing and try again only this time keep on upping your DE dosage until you start to feel a relief. I would highly recommend adding Boron at least 2 full teaspoon of the powder not the watered down liquid crap, that won't touch you at all. Don't give up and trust that DE along with Boron will help you in a big way and will eventually heal you. Boron (the 20 mule team) brand only.

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Karen (Toronto, On) on 11/16/2013:
5 out of 5 stars

DE for Fibromyalgia

My feeling is that people with REAL fibromyalgia (70% of "sufferers" are misdiagnosed) THAT'S A LOT!! If they take it long enough WILL see the results! You need to take at least 4 tablespoons a day for 6 or more months to see what your hoping for...(little to NO pain) Healing takes time. I have had fibromyalgia (tested 18/18 for trigger points) for almost 20 years! In horrible pain and terrible chronic fatigue with many food allergies that went with it - like the nightshades and sugar. I began the DE 1/2 year ago. Started at 2tbs a day and upped it a few weeks later to 4-8 tbs a day. I now have such little pain anywhere in my body that I have to concentrate to see if I can feel anything! AND along with that the food allergies dissappeared as well as the chronic fatigue. I can even eat nightshade vegetables...and anyone with real Fibro knows how painful the slightest amount of one of those are.

If you've been told you have fibro but your doctor has not done the 18 point pressure test....then he doesn't know what he's talking about. You could very well be suffering from something else and not getting the proper treatment. People ALL the time are being told they have fibro when the doctor just can't figure out why they have pain. A pain in your hip is not fibro, you have to have at least 11 different spots to have mild fibro. The reason I mention this is b/c people try to cure themselves of fibro who don't really have it - then tell others it doesn't work! IT DOES WORK. Drink it only with water on an empty tummy - do it right and be patient. It CAN work for you too! =D

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Laura (Asheville, Nc) on 09/14/2011:
5 out of 5 stars

I have fibromyalgia and have been taking Diatomaceouls Earth for almost 2 weeks. It is definitly doing something positive for me. First I noticed a huge change in my foot problem that has plagued me for 4 years. I have woke up stiff, but that is different too. I don't know how to describe it except that the stiffness is not to the bone and all encompasing as before. I am so hopeful that I may continue to improve. If it is possible different factors contribute to Fibro for different people, I guess different results could be experienced from individuals also. My experience would lead me to suggest, try it and see how your body responds if you suffer any joint or fibro pain. Good luck to you all!
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Pamela (Houston, Texas) on 11/22/2008:
1 out of 5 stars

I have suffered with fibromyalgia for years. And I have takens lots of Diatomaceous Earth. The DE works great for parasites but does nothing to relieve or get rid of fibromyalgia. I also know several others with fibromyalgia who used DE with no relieve. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and keep up the good the good work.
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