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Cloves and Oral Hygiene

Dr Vyas (India) on 09/15/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Clove is a wonderful spice, in india we use in daily cooking.

Simply suck on a clove the whole day, do not take more than 2 / day

1. it checks bad breath

2. keeps gum and teeth problems at bay due to the presence of anti bacterial volatile oil.

3. prevents decaying of tooth

4. one of the best remedy for recurrent rhinitis ( running nose)

5. improves the digestion, boost up metabolism, improves appetite

6. clove oil is an instant pain reliever for tooth decay.

7. u can use drop of clove oil in ur morning toothpaste to improve oral hygiene

Just one clove a day keeps ur digestive issues away.

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Clove Essential Oil is the Most Concentrated Antioxidant

Sam ( Miami, FL) on 04/14/2015

ORAC, oxygen radical absorbance capacity measures the antioxidant potential of various foods and substances. ORAC of clove oil is 1,078,700 (carrots-210, blueberries-2,400). Two drops of essential oil of clove taken orally have the antioxidant power of 5 pounds of carrots or 1.3 cups of blueberries. A single drop of essential oil contains 40 quintillion molecules and is enough to cover every cell in your body with 40,000 molecules. Clove oil is being used as dental anesthetic for 500 years. Clove oils is the strongest antiviral , antibacterial, antifungal, and many other anti... Always read rules for safety with essential oils. You can find in on page 486 of the book "the chemistry of essential oils made simple". Google allows you to read selected pages of the book. If you are concerned about allergy, pure distillied essential oils never cause allegedly, but you need to know about certain things. Not oils are distilled. Pages 451-466 devoted to explanation about allergy and oils...
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