Borax for Abdominal Pain, Bloating

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Raboom1 (California) on 09/19/2022:
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I use 1/8 tsp Borax and 1/8 tsp of Pink Himalayan Salt in a bottle of pure water every single night and have for over a year. No side effects whatsoever. Gonna try the hair treatment soon.

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Merlin (Queensland) on 09/10/2016:
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I too have found a huge, albeit unexpected, improvement in my gut since taking borax powder (This didn't happen whenI was taking borax supplements in tablet form). Pretty much since the day I ran out of the tablets and used 'cleaning' borax (pure with no additives) I have noticed this effect. I told my mother about it as she too has had major gut issues that have caused her serious pain for over 20 years. She has been diagnosed with IBS and told basically that she has to live with it. She too has had next to no issues since taking borax powder (1 tsp dissolved in 1 Liter of water, then add 1 tsp of this liquid to a glass of water to drink every day, sometimes 2x a day.)
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Veesue (Sheridan, Wy, Usa) on 03/10/2014:
5 out of 5 stars

Prioris, Bill, Ted, and TimH..etc: Thank you all so much for your informative posts on borax. They have explained my mild die-off reaction (herxheimer effect) from using it. I shall cut back a bit on the intake and continue on.

For the record, my apparent die-off reaction consists only of morning diarrhea.

The apparent positive effects that I have noticed recently have been that my chronic abdominal bloating has all but completely disappeared (I’ve literally had that for decades). Along with the bloating, general abdominal pain and discomfort have also all but disappeared, which included daily, middle-of-the-night deep burning pain in my gut.

Please note, that along with starting the borax regime, I have also started the “water cure” (Google it), which involves properly hydrating your body. These two remedies have removed a dark cloud of dismal depression that many digestive-related issues have caused me for many years. It feels like I have a new life. Cheers and blessing to all!!

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