Ginger for Stomach Issues

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Jean (Vancouver, Wa) on 09/08/2010
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Upset stomach for dog

Ginger Extract helping my dog's morning sickness. My 4 year-old, 20 pounds, Bichon Freese has a sensitive stomach. He would vomit yellow fluid in the early morning two or three times per month all his life, but last month, he started to vomit yellow fluid more often. I got to the point that I knew when he was going to vomit the next morning. His stomach would gurgle aloud in the evening, followed by waking up in the middle of the night and eating grass urgently, and vomit first thing in the morning before the breakfast. I visited vet., tested parasites, tried aloe vera juice, not-fat yogurt, fed him five times per day(small portions), cut down fresh vegetables and fruits, limited activity following meals, ACV, etc. But he was still having morning sickness. After reading many articles, I gave him 1/2 chewable ginger extract tablet along with 1/2 tums after supper. I also boiled chicken and put couple slices of ginger root and gave him broth couple of times during the day. Since this treatment, his stomach is quiet and he no longer eats grass and vomits.