Blackstrap Molasses for Dogs

Blackstrap Molasses for Dogs

Modified on Jan 30, 2024

Sometimes the simplest natural cures are the most effective. You might never have thought to look toward that jar of molasses way back in the cupboard as a potential home remedy for your pet's ailment, but in fact molasses -- particularly blackstrap molasses -- has a long and popular history as a natural cure for many ailments among dogs and humans alike.

Far more than simply sugar, molasses is full of minerals and a few other nutrients, the combination of which has proven effective at combatting both acute and chronic ailments.

Natural Pet Cures: In particular, Earth Clinic community members and the wider alternative health community have used molasses in the treatment of arthritis in dogs. Also, some report using molasses successfully as a remedy for dogs suffering symptoms of bereavement and even for tumors.

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