Injuries for DMSO

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Redlion (Hemet, Ca) on 05/06/2013:
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I have a little chihuahua who one day could not walk. I panicked and ran to a vet-lol.... Said it was something neurological and prescribed prednisone. I did not want to give my little doggie prednisone. I have been using Earth Clinic for all my ails for years. So I did a search-once I started reading -it dawned on me that my baby had hit her head misjudging the height of my couch, and must have hurt something then but did not show any signs of being hurt, but then I think she jammed it jumping off the bed. Long story -short-I went to the local pet feed store-bought 90% pure DMSO roll on-massaged it into her neck and upper leg for about 5 days-Instant relief-although she would pant quite a bit and drank lots and lots of water. Kept her in a pet cage so she stayed immobile.

MIRACLE********doggie is walking just fine now. I keep her as still as possible and do not let her jump off of anything at all. I notice she does still have a little twinge. I also bought some MSM and am adding a little bit to her food off and on.


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